Student help needed for production of ‘The Producers’


Graphic courtesy by NMU Theatre and Dance

Dreyma Beronja, News Editor

Northern Michigan University’s Theatre and Dance Department is looking for urgent student help with behind-the-scenes work in their upcoming show, ‘The Producers’, which opens Friday, April 8.

The department is looking for NMU students to fill several crew positions. Positions include one or two run crew members, two fly rail operators and one spotlight operator.

According to the department, the run crew will be assisting with moving scenery on and off the stage throughout the show, fly rail operators will raise and lower scenery and curtains using the fly rail and the spotlight operator will use a spotlight to light performers onstage.

Crew positions are needed no later than today, March 31 through the closing night on April 16.

Students interested in any of these positions can reach out to the production manager, David Pierce at [email protected] or the production stage manager, Clair Kaminski at [email protected].

Students who help out with the show are able to earn practicum credit for this production.