Coffee and conversations at the SEEC


Joleigh Martinez/NW

DIVERSITY – NMU students from all walks of life are encouraged to attend SEEC’s Student Diversity Coffee Hour for refreshments and conversation. This social environment is intended to provide a safe place for open discussion of personal and socially relevant topics.

Madoline Plattenberg, Features Editor

Students unwound in between classes with snacks, tea, coffee and conversation at Student Diversity Coffee Hour from 11 a.m. to noon today, Sept. 27. 

The Student Equity and Engagement Center, located at 3001 Hedgcock, is hosting several coffee hour sessions over the semester to create opportunities for networking and collaborative dialogue in discussing important issues and challenges students are facing.

“It is a nice time too, in a very low-pressure way, [to] meet people who maybe have different life experiences than you do and share stories, resources and maybe make a new friend,” said Stefani Vargas, coordinator for the Student Equity and Engagement Center and co-chair of the President’s Committee on Diversity.

Student Diversity Coffee Hour is designed to help students relax in an environment that encourages student-led discussions and connecting with like-minded students to build a community. SEEC staff sets aside the dedicated hour to greet, chat and provide resources to students, Vargas said.

“On purpose, we do not set a direction for the conversation because we do not know what folks might want to talk about that day, or sometimes it feels better to just build community and find friends,” Vargas said.

In the future, Vargas hopes that as connections build, students coming back to Student Diversity Coffee Hour can revisit topics or drive more formal conversations on important issues.

During the first session on Sept. 13, several students from across campus got to know each other and meet new people, Vargas said.

“It kind of was just everyone feeling it out and seeing what it was like, but it was relaxed and in just a really nice environment,” Vargas said. “I cannot stress enough how low pressure it is and students do not have to be here the whole hour, we just want to see your faces.”

Anyone can attend and signing up is not required. Whenever students’ classes get done or when they feel like it, they can pop by, Vargas said.

Students with any questions can contact the SEEC at [email protected] and can read more about this event on The Hub.

Students can expect Michael Bussewitz-Quarm to stop by during the hour on Oct. 13 to see if students want to chat and learn more about her experience as a trans composer, Vargas said. Bussewitz-Quarm’s award-winning music engages audiences through the soulful exploration of social and environmental themes.