Skill builder to discuss staying safe on campus


Graphic curtesy of Center for Student Enrichment

SAFETY – The NMU Police Department and the Center for Student Enrichment are cohosting a Skill Builder! workshop to teach students about risk assessment. This event is designed as an open forum to promote discussion among participants.

Andie Balenger

The NMU Police Department and Center for Student Enrichment will be hosting a Skill Builder! this Friday to help bring awareness to local laws, campus safety policies and the process of risk assessment. 

This one-hour presentation will explore topics that students should consider before organizing events, participating in extracurricular activities or going out with friends. A variety of issues, including alcohol consumption, drug use, sexual assault and hazing will be discussed at length. 

Sergeant Adam Maynard of the NMU Police Department, who will be leading the event, said that the presentation will be a refresher on common sense principles. 

“Everything in life has some sort of risk management to it,” Maynard said. “[The event] is another way to look at the scope of the decisions you are making and how they are going to affect multiple people.”

According to Maynard, risk assessment is the process of identifying and understanding the potential risks that accompany certain activities and/or behaviors. After attending this event, Maynard hopes that students will be able to make the best decision if they find themselves in a difficult or risky situation.

“We understand that this is a college and people are going to drink whether they are of age or not,” Maynard said. “We want to make sure that people have a plan. If you go out with friends, do not leave with strangers. If it does not feel right, go with your instincts.” 

The Skill Builder! will be located in the front room of the Northern Center at 2 p.m. on Friday. Students are encouraged to attend and ask questions. The event is discussion based, providing an open forum to those in attendance.

“Any education is good whether you know it or not, and I think it is a nice group activity,” Maynard said. “[The event] is just a good refresher on local laws that will hopefully help decision making.”