Opinion — How am I doing? Thanks for asking

Joleigh Martinez

In my efforts to try and survive this semester, I think I have come quite far. Mentally drained, I, Joleigh, have been going down a rabbit hole these past few months.

Sifting through the files in my overrun brain, I cannot find one instant where I reached any of the goals I set out this semester: Be good at studying (no), stop taking free pens (cannot stop), stop going to job fairs just for swag bags (will never), find happier music (Ozzy Osbourne talks to me in my dreams) and get fit — like jacked fit (does that mean, like, now?).

One thing that I have successfully checked off, however, is finding a way to ride a cow. That is all I really care about. The cow should be coming at some point this year if you are wondering.

After evaluating myself, again and again, I decided that I needed to stop making goals. If I have a long agenda in my personal life, I will never be able to complete it because sometimes planning too far ahead can be overwhelming and no bueno for the soul.

Instead of trying to get weeks’ worth of work done way before the due date, it would instead be good to focus on one week at a time, planning maybe two or three days ahead to finish simple work. I know some of you who are reading this have a well-thought-out system and schedule for getting things done. However, I have not found that kind of stability yet.

Creating a new way of figuring out life is always a tough and exciting process when you have discovered a solution that works well for you. This year, even though rougher than others, I have finally been more assertive with myself and found out that sticky notes are a blessing to the world. 

Becoming an organized person has always been on my list of habits that I need, and I have come pretty far by using tools such as sticky notes.

I am pretty positive I have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), but I am also pretty sure we all have it in some way. Sustaining a good lifestyle like eating healthy meals, exercising and creating alone time for myself has helped me slow down this life just a little bit. Getting to know myself has been a journey, but it is important to separate yourself from everyone and everything so you can gain an understanding of how you learn and build confidence in yourself.

In an effort to meet myself, I have created better learning habits and that again is sticky notes, which have kept me sane. So in the past week of creating this jumble of a column, I have learned that I am better than how I view myself, I have actually completed a goal or two. Sometimes you need to talk to yourself in writing form to understand that everything is and will be okay.

Maybe I should start journaling.