NMU students vote in midterm elections despite distance


Sam Rush/NW

VOTE—Despite the distance, NMU students still found ways to go out and vote. Some students voted in person and others sent in absentee ballots through the mail.

Dreyma Beronja

With the midterm elections finally here, many in the Marquette community are using their right to go out and vote, including students at Northern Michigan University.

Although much is on the ballots, many students vocalized opinions concerning the three proposals that included women’s abortion rights, as well as decision for Michigan’s governor. Currently, Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer holds the position of Michigan’s governor.

Michiganders had the choice to re-elect Whitmer or vote for other parties including Republican candidate Tudor Dixon.

Sophomore Austin Graham voted in the 2020 election in-person and said the only difference was that this year, he voted by sending in an absentee ballot.

“I voted because it’s important to have your voice heard,” Graham said. “If you want change, you do that by showing up to the polls. You may not always get the result you want, but at least you tried and can have your input on issues within your county, state or country.”

As for Kenzie Harrod, junior and social media design management major, this was not the first election that she voted in, however it felt just as important as the 2020 presidential election.

“I think voting is so important because apparently human rights always come up for debate and it’s extremely important to have bodily autonomy and reproductive freedom,” Harrod said. “It also is extremely important that the courts aren’t stacked to one political party.”

Harrod continued expressing the importance of voting and going out to vote.

“Please vote,” Harrod said. “Every vote matters, this is so important.”

At the time of publication, no results have been finalized for the midterm election.