Black Student Union bake sale celebrates Black Love Day


Ryley Wilcox/NW

BLACK LOVE DAY — Black Student Union (BSU) members Khaleah Lowllun, Brianna Artis, Khadejah Thompson and Marlanaysia Rosser (pictured left to right) sell baked goods to NMU students during their Black Love Day Bake Sale in Jamrich Hall, Monday, Feb. 13. The holiday celebrates Black love in addition to Valentine’s Day.

Ryley Wilcox

The Black Student Union (BSU) hosted a Black Love Day bake sale out of the Jamrich Hall ticketing booth on Monday, Feb. 13. 

The bake sale was held on the 30th anniversary of Black Love Day, which has been observed since 1993. The holiday was created by Ayo Handy-Kendi, who founded the nonprofit African American Holidays Association (AAHA). 

The holiday celebrates Black Love through five tenets, or Loving Acts: Love for the Creator, Love for Self, Love for the Black Family, Love for the Black Community and Love for the Black Race. According to the AAHA, Black Love Day is a “day created to demonstrate love, forgiveness and acceptance among Black people.”

 “The Black community can often be dark and there’s a lot of tragedy so having a day that promotes love, positivity and happiness is appreciated,” BSU President Marlanaysia Rosser said. “This day is not to take away from Valentine’s Day, it’s just to add on and have a different perspective. I think we have a different perspective, so this is essential for us.”

The members of BSU also made paper hearts that were passed out to students with their baked goods, with quotes such as “Black Love is Black Wealth,” “Power to the People” and “I’m Black Every Month.” 

“We’ve had a lot of people come in and a lot of people support us, so that feels good,” Rosser said. “When you put on something like this, you kind of feel nervous and anxious, but I feel really welcomed.” 

Earlier this month, the BSU presented a Black History mobile museum in Jamrich Hall. To close out Black History Month, the student organization will be hosting a virtual alumni panel on Feb. 22, a comedy night on Feb. 23 and a film in collaboration with Campus Cinema on Feb. 25. Students can find information about BSU’s upcoming Black History Month events on the Hub, or on Instagram @nmu.bsu.