All hands on deck: Battleship H2O returns


Nathan Kwapisz/NW

Battleship H2O – The event only takes place once a semester, but Battleship H2O is a fun and competitive sport for everyone on campus.

Nathan Kwapisz

Battleship H2O is a game played in the pool where people in four canoes try to sink each other until one canoe is left floating. The crews are given buckets which are used to splash water into other vessels to sink them. The game is three rounds long and the contestant who is left standing in each round wins.

“We always go for the gray metal boats when we play because we think they’re faster than the others and they sink slower, then we just stay back and then attack everyone at once,” said Amber Wager, a junior forensic biochemistry major.

Wager came up with a strategy for this semester’s Battleship H20. She and her friends all live in the same hall and were available to create a team to compete in the event. Wager uses Battleship H20 to bring her neighbors together for a fun activity.

“Through [Wager], I get closer with the people in my dorm,” said Hagerman, a freshman criminal justice major.

Hagerman joined because of Wager and enjoys how it brings together his hall. He considers it to be a fun way to get out and meet new people while trying a new sport that is not super common.

“It’s funny, because I personally don’t swim all that often. So, it’s fun to get in the water,” said Vincent Kostal, a freshman computer science major.

Konstal enjoys the sport for how unique it is and how it provides an excuse to play in the water.

“I had a bunch of friends who were like, ‘oh my gosh, what if we do Battleship H2O?’” Wager said. “Then I just kind of kept the team going.”

Wager is looking forward to continuing the tradition and hopes to keep it going for years to come. She has had some fun experiences in the game, and wants others to try it as well.

“The last time I did it, I was on the team with my RA and mid match she just jumped out of the boat because she didn’t want to do it anymore,” Wager said. “Then we had to try to win with only three people and I think we got second or so.”

The sport only happens once a semester but is open to anyone who signs up. This year was a success and there are hopes there will be more teams next year competing in the special event.

“It’s a nice way to get out, take a little break from homework and studying and just have fun for a couple of hours,” Wager said. “I like the not-seriousness of it but also doing stuff for my health too, because it’s a workout.”

Sign up on the Northern Michigan University Rec Sports site today to create a team and participate in Battle H2O.