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Letter to the Editor—Dotson suspension highly suspect

Letter to the Editor—Dotson suspension highly suspect

April 21, 2022
It’s important to recognize the disparity in treatment received by Dotson, on the one hand, and the treatment received by Greer and Brundage, on the other hand. Greer and Brundage have violated the constitutional and federal statutory rights of NMU students on multiple occasions over the past decade and a half, including illegally discriminating against students with mental disorders—but have not received any disciplinary actions themselves from the university.
West Hall NMU

Letter to the Editor—Luther West is not blameless

Aaron Loudenslager December 3, 2021
Doctor Luther West—a former Northern Michigan University biology professor who openly supported the promotion of “conservative eugenic legislation and eugenic administration” in the 1920s—is a wholly “blameless” person. At least, that’s what Philip Niswonger seems to argue in his recent letter to the editor. But his letter to the editor is entirely unconvincing, as it solely consists of a series of nonsensical non sequiturs.

Student credit union should replace campus Wells Fargo

Aaron Loudenslager April 26, 2012

Corporate power is everywhere in America. From pervasive corporate advertising in the modern age to the corporate domination of U.S. political institutions through legal bribes called “financial...

Obama must push for new Buffett Rule in next election

Aaron Loudenslager April 19, 2012

Now with the inevitability that President Obama will face off against Mitt Romney in the 2012 U.S. general election, Obama must campaign on an aggressive progressive agenda and defend the idea of government...

More lawyers are needed for poor

Aaron Loudenslager April 5, 2012

There is a bleak job market for many law school graduates; becoming a lawyer doesn’t look so good now. With the average law school graduate borrowing approximately $90,000 to finance their law degree,...

Without a spanking ban, children face future risks

Aaron Loudenslager March 29, 2012

For parents, it is legal in 49 states to spank your child, and in 19 states, it is legal for school teachers to spank children. This is unacceptable to helpless children in America; it is time to ban...

U.S. needs to implement single-payer health care

Aaron Loudenslager March 22, 2012

I hate Obamacare. Seriously, it makes me grind my teeth. While GOP presidential candidates like Rick Santorum hate it for supposedly taking away people’s “individual liberty” from free market health...

Wall Street speculators cause high price of fuel

Aaron Loudenslager March 15, 2012

Republican presidential candidates and congressman are again criticizing President Obama, this time blaming the commander in chief for skyrocketing gas prices. Once again, the Republican Party is not...

Socialism must fix the flaws of modern capitalism

Aaron Loudenslager March 1, 2012

In America, we live in a false dream where capitalism is perfect. At a young age, we’re taught that a free enterprise system facilitates freedom. Freedom is equated with free markets. Not only is...

Presidential candidate visits Marquette

Aaron Loudenslager March 1, 2012

Rallying for votes before Tuesday’s Michigan Republican presidential primary, former U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Rick Santorum visited the Holiday Inn for an event in Marquette last Sunday. Santorum...

Freedom of information celebrated

Aaron Loudenslager March 1, 2012

A week of events will be held to promote Sunshine Week, a national public discussion about the importance of open government and freedom of information. This year’s Sunshine Week will be March 11...

Newt Gingrich threatens federal courts with arrests

Aaron Loudenslager February 23, 2012

Every time I turn on the TV, I see another Republican presidential candidate declaring that federal courts are engaging in “judicial tyranny.” Or if one listens to Rick Santorum, the courts are dominated...

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