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The North Wind

Campaign trail: Quest for crown

beth.kramer and beth.kramer September 26, 2007
While most people may only think about running for homecoming king (or queen) at the last minute, Michael Gerdwagen, a senior theater major, has been campaigning since right after last year's competition ended. "I went to the homecoming king and queen competition [last year] and I was really proud of the people I knew.

Big week on tap at NMU

beth.kramer and beth.kramer September 26, 2007
Erica Miller, a junior graphic communications major, can hardly wait to get a pie hefted in her face for homecoming this year. Her sorority, the Kappa Beta Gammas, is holding an event called "Kream a Kappa" at the Block Party, which is an annual homecoming event that takes place before the football game.

Internet a tool for students’ study habits

beth.kramer and beth.kramer September 26, 2007
A recent survey shows that students use the Internet for more than just Youtube and Facebook. The survey, released over the summer, found that college students use the Internet as a study tool, not a study distraction. Houghton Mifflin, a textbook publishing company, commissioned the survey, which aimed to discover if college students were using the Internet when they studied.

Lost discount a bitter pill

beth.kramer and beth.kramer September 26, 2007
Picketers stood between me and the clinic doors. They held signs and although I couldn't make them out, I knew the messages were anti-abortion. Luckily, I was able to slip in a back entrance. I went there to terminate a pregnancy for $450. Had I shelled out for birth control, this probably wouldn't have happened.

Under Review: The Art of the Guitar

beth.kramer and beth.kramer September 12, 2007
by BETH KRAMER staff writer Fans roar when Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde plays the opening chords to "Crazy Train." Typically, Wylde's guitar is just an instrument he uses to entertain. Now, fans can quietly examine the Wylde guitar from every angle as it stands silent in a museum exhibit, letting its visual beauty make all the noise.

Managing money, from loans to credit

beth.kramer and beth.kramer September 12, 2007
Between scholarships and federal loans, Anne Marie Palazzolo has tuition and textbooks completely paid for. But the junior special education major still has to pay for rent, food, car insurance and gas. To accommodate, she employs a number of money-saving strategies.

Student’s laptop woes preventable

beth.kramer and beth.kramer August 29, 2007
Sara Allison, a senior math education major, has taken her Lenovo ThinkPad to the Help Desk several times in the last two years. Her hard drive needed to be replaced twice; three keys fell off her keyboard; and she stepped on her CD drive, causing it to stop working.

Students go through ‘major’ changes

beth.kramer and beth.kramer June 7, 2007
Devan Shah, now a senior, enrolled at NMU as a freshman knowing that he wanted to enter law enforcement. On first arrival, he thought he was ahead of the students without a chosen career field. "I chose early, but I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I got to college," Shah said.

On the Trail

beth.kramer and beth.kramer April 11, 2007
After being cooped up in apartments and dorm rooms throughout the winter and surprise spring blizzards, many students are taking advantage of the warm weather to get back outside and into shape. Marquette is home to multiple trails, which provides a scenic outdoor workout space.
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