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The North Wind

The North Wind

DiFranco double-disc captures career

katey.newton and katey.newton September 27, 2007
With honesty and a sense of principle, Ani DiFranco's latest album, "Canon," spans her 17-year career as a singer-songwriter. DiFranco purposefully chose each of the 36 songs on the two-disc album to show her progression as a musician. Meant to be listened to in order, they range from her early folk songs to her later, more complex work.

Latest Weakerthans disc forgettable

katey.newton and katey.newton September 13, 2007
The Weakerthans' latest album, "Reunion Tour," takes the listener on a shuffling journey through 11 generic songs and finishes with an altogether forgettable effort. "Reunion Tour" could be considered the "Brushfire Fairytales" of the indie genre. There are a few songs you really like, none you really hate, and they all sort of sound the same.

Amos’ ‘Posse’ reveals her intensity

katey.newton and katey.newton June 8, 2007
Tori Amos has once again created an album that takes the listener deep within her personality. This time she experiments with showing the far reaches of herself; a politically aware woman, a sensualist, an artist and an optimist.
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