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Take the dare – The open secrets of my success

Maggie Shepeard April 19, 2016

Hilary Corna had a bleak childhood. Losing her father in a car accident when she was just 8 months old, her mother faced many challenges raising her and her four siblings. She recalled wearing pajamas...

The emotional counterpart of mental health

Maggie Shepeard April 13, 2016

They say mental illness has been accepted in society, but there are many instances I’ve experienced where that’s not exactly true. Nearly 15 million American adults are suffering from bipolar disorder,...

NMU prof returns from Israel sabbatical

Maggie Shepeard March 9, 2016

Going to Stucko’s for their fish fry was what NMU professor Gabriel Brahm missed the most during his time in Israel. He explained that in Marquette, a great restaurant was just down the street; to him,...

Leave the drama off the carpet or don’t watch

Maggie Shepeard February 10, 2016

Hollywood has never been shy of drama, and it would seem the Oscar awards of 2016 is going to be no different. The venue of the 88th Annual Academy Awards Ceremony will once again be the Hollywood’s...

Annual NMU Drag Show returns with style

Maggie Shepeard January 20, 2016

After 20 years, NMU’s annual drag show continues to dazzle the Marquette community. The music selections are complete, practice is nearing perfect and the time is about here. At 8:00 p.m. Friday,...

HP activity courses cut after budget reductions

Maggie Shepeard November 4, 2015

As most students have noticed registering for the winter semester, the health promotion class offerings are significantly reduced in size. As a side effect of low enrollment numbers campus-wide, the HP...

Full-time student, full-time adult

Maggie Shepeard September 30, 2015

In many students lives, perhaps the idea of having a family and raising children may have come first, whether intentional or not. About a year and a half ago, nearly 20 years after graduating high school,...

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