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Sam Rush/NW

Campus crime plummets: The culprit COVID-19

Rayna Sherbinow April 22, 2021

More students receiving COVID-19 vaccinations marks a start towards normalcy. However, campus is still relatively quiet compared to previous years. Many classes and student organization meetings are still...

Graphic courtesy of Joe Sigourney

All eyes on Public Eye News: Student news broadcast seeks to expand

Rayna Sherbinow April 16, 2021

Communication on campus can take on many forms. Students may pick up on the latest news through word of mouth or by scrolling through social media. Anyone who listens to Radio X might catch a program...

Sam Rush/NW

Former ASNMU presidents offer advice to incoming representatives

Rayna Sherbinow April 8, 2021

The results of the ASNMU elections will be announced soon. As new representatives take charge, their predecessors will step down into the ranks of history. NMU’s student government has a long and storied...

Photo courtesy of Rachel Lefor
ECO AWARENESS— Pictured Heather Vivian (left), Charlie Arnold. At the Farmers Market, downtown Marquette in September, 2019. EcoReps set up a table to promote the organization.

EcoReps encourages sustainability on campus, in community

Rayna Sherbinow March 25, 2021

Last semester the Green Fund was implemented at NMU, comprising an optional $5 fee for students who are taking six or more credits. This money goes to EcoReps, an organization that promotes sustainability...

Madelyn Gabka performs at the Ode to Joy/remembrance of Sorrow event.

Marquette commemorates one year with COVID-19

Rayna Sherbinow March 18, 2021

Wednesday, March 10 was the one year anniversary of the pandemic in Michigan. The date was recognized at the state level. A press release from The Office of Governor Gretchen Whitmer detailed the governor’s...

Photo courtesy of George Young

RETRO RADIO— (First row)Dan Kalinowski, (left) John Priest, Rick Finch, Bob Miller, (second row) Melvin Tounsel, Barb Donnely, Kim Maddox, (Third row) Richard Wolfolk, Judy Berner, Tom McCord, Dave Hoffsten, Jeff Saino, Paul Mumma, Phyllis Drake, Marilyn Grimm, (last row) Buzz Young, Mike Ault, Bruce Peek, Mike Curtis, Tim Ellis, Mary Greenway, Frank Klim, Renee Knott, Dave Korhonen, Ken Krom, Mike McCoy, Tom Neal, Kim Rancourt, Dan Rose, Mike Styke, Todd Swanboro, Morris Williams, Dr. Robert Maust, Dr. George Lott.Former students and advisors of radio X, known then as WBKX, in the 1970s pose for a group photo.

Musical memories: The history of Radio X

Rayna Sherbinow March 18, 2021

When George “Buzz” Young arrived at NMU midway through his college career, he was studying political science and sociology. He graduated in 1974 with a degree in broadcasting and a sociology minor....

Peter Smedley/NW
PRIDE MONTH— Although last year saw the cancellation of gender fair, the event has adjusted to a virtual format. 2020 marks the 4th annual gender fair at NMU.

Gender fair highlights equality, inclusion throughout March

Rayna Sherbinow March 15, 2021

The fourth annual Gender Fair is underway. Throughout March, the NMU Gender and Sexuality Studies website is displaying multiple projects by students, as well as virtual presentations from faculty and...

Graphic of a nurse in a graduation cap

NMU nurses plan for in-person pinning ceremony

Rayna Sherbinow March 9, 2021

At many universities, nursing students are honored with a pinning ceremony prior to graduation. On Friday, April 30, the graduating NMU nurses will conduct their ceremony in person in Jamrich 1100 after...

Graphic from the Safer Shores magazine with information about submission deadlines

Safer Shores, a Social Justice for us magazine makes a splash

Rayna Sherbinow March 8, 2021

On February 28, the local nonprofit organization Social Justice For Us published the second issue of their quarterly online magazine, Safer Shores. SJFU hopes the magazine will offer a platform for the...

A photo of the wildcat statue on NMU campus

Winter commencement ceremony to be held online

Rayna Sherbinow February 25, 2021

In a year full of virtual events, online club meetings and classes held over Zoom, it should come as no surprise that graduation is receiving a digital makeover this semester. Traditionally hosted in...

Photo of NMU theatre with seats marked off with caution tape

Alpha Psi Omega hosts Hollywood speakers

Rayna Sherbinow February 19, 2021

Empty entertainment venues are a familiar sight these days, and NMU is no exception. The Forest Roberts Theatre’s 515 seats are vacant and draped with yellow caution tape. But the Department of Theatre...

A graphic of a stock market line rising.

GameStop: Reddit goldmine or risky gamble?

Rayna Sherbinow February 12, 2021

The stock market and social media have collided on an unprecedented scale. The spotlight is on Reddit, specifically the subreddit r/wallstreetbets, which caught media attention when users invested heavily...

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