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‘Ghost’ rides straight to the garbage

Reed Belmonte March 1, 2012

“Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance” could quite possibly be the worst movie ever, with the worst actor ever and the worst excuse for 3-D effects money has ever bought. I would love to be a fly...

Local brewery implements changes

Reed Belmonte March 1, 2012

The rich overwhelming smell of hops, barley, oats and yeast marinate the warm atmosphere of Blackrocks Brewery as homemade beer flows from the various taps made from ski poles, bicycle gears and canoe...

Audiences go ‘Haywire’ for spy thriller

Reed Belmonte February 2, 2012

Thank God there’s a beam of sun shining through the fart cloud of movies released in the first month of the 2012 year. Like many this last Friday, I unfortunately wasted $8 watching Kate Beckinsale...

Gosling uses simple persona in ‘Drive’

Reed Belmonte September 22, 2011

One of the most important principles to conquer in storytelling is showing, not telling. Many films rely too heavily on dialogue where in reality, an audience’s personal connection to the story relies...

Chili Peppers unrecognized by fans

Reed Belmonte September 15, 2011

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have conceived a new definition of groove in only a way that they could invent. If you are a sole patron of all that is older Chili Peppers, this may not even be your cup of tea....

‘Pirates’ fail to deliver their plunder

Reed Belmonte June 6, 2011

After the crown jewel that was “Curse of the Black Pearl,” the most props you could give “Dead Man’s Chest” and “World’s End” was that they were at least entertaining. “On Stranger Tides”...

‘Limitless’ climax lacks depth

Reed Belmonte April 7, 2011

Following the Academy Award season is springtime, the worst time of the year for movies. Between iconic award-savvy films and the summer blockbusters to come, the spring film season usually consists of...

‘Hall Pass’ cheats audience

Reed Belmonte March 17, 2011

The projects shaped by the filthy Farrelly brothers in the 1990s are marvels in the world of comedic cinema (“There’s Something about Mary,” “Me Myself and Irene”).  However, their portfolio...

‘Blues’ unconventional

Reed Belmonte February 3, 2011

All rock you listen to, no matter what shape or form, is conceived by a long string of influence rooting back to the one true American style: the blues. Gregg Allman’s “Low Country Blues,” his seventh...

Wildlife society created

Reed Belmonte January 27, 2011

The NMU Wildlife Society is the newest student organization creating quite a buzz all over campus for outdoor enthusiasts eager to get some hands-on field work and experience in the areas of wildlife and...

‘Fighter’ knocks out its competition

Reed Belmonte January 13, 2011

This is a one-of-a-kind underdog boxing epic; a delicious recipe of heart, tragedy and triumph. Like any other boxing drama, it’s an examination of a common struggle of American life, and a main character...

Local band success boosted by fans

Reed Belmonte December 2, 2010

One of the benefits of living in a college town such as Marquette is the variety of live music available to students. And sometimes, bands arrive onto the social scene that can’t exactly be placed in...

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