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Privacy rights unharmed by new data mining techniques

Taylor Syring April 19, 2012

Data mining is the process of collecting and analyzing data and organizing it into useful information to increase revenue, cut costs or increase the effectiveness of advertisement and other marketing activities....

Martin shooting shows the flaw in Florida law

Taylor Syring March 29, 2012

Murder is OK, if there’s a good reason. That is the message in the case of Trayvon Martin’s murder. The stand-your-ground law in Florida states that causing harm to an individual is legal and acceptable...

Facebook Timeline unwelcomed by users

Taylor Syring February 9, 2012

Facebook is part of our everyday lives. It is simple to use, easy to access and it’s not about to go away. It has become more popular than MySpace because it is laid out simply and it’s easier to...

NMU finishes season strong at Regionals

Taylor Syring November 10, 2011

With the finish line to another season in sight, the NMU cross country team ended their season in full stride by finishing 11th out of 23 teams last weekend. Last Saturday, the lady Wildcats traveled...

NMU set to jump start season against CMU

Taylor Syring November 3, 2011

The NMU men’s basketball team has been practicing since September for its upcoming season. Freshman forward Haki Stampley said the practices have been intense to prepare the team for the season. ...

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