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Graphic of two ice skates on a light blue background

Free open skate at Berry Events Center

Peter Smedley February 8, 2021

This season, while COVID-19 still persists, open skate is still available in a limited capacity. At the Berry Events Center, students can enjoy skating on Feb. 11, and 18 from 6 p.m. to 7:45 p.m.  Unlike...

Picture of State of Michigan Emblem

Gov. Whitmer signs executive order restricting gatherings to slow spread of COVID-19 in Michigan

Jesse Wiederhold August 13, 2020

Michigan Gov. Whitmer’s new executive order places tighter restrictions on the whole state. Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has been a very unique location during the ongoing pandemic. Locked away by water,...

Picture of protesters on street.

Nonprofit seeks to lift voices of marginalized in Marquette

The Black Lives Matter movement has brought waves of peaceful protests across the nation including in the Upper Peninsula. Facebook has been a platform used by many social movements because of the social...

Picture of Picnic Rocks

Lake Superior safety becomes necessary as beach season reaches peak in U.P.

Travis Nelson August 10, 2020

One can’t help but think of Marquette’s fascinating scenery when coming to school at NMU. There are more sites to see than imaginable, but the main attraction Lake Superior tops the list. Despite...

Picture of box full of food

NMU Food Pantry offers necessities to students in need

Nicholas Conroy August 10, 2020

Food insecurity is an issue that is currently facing millions as financial hardship has affected their ability to afford essentials. The NMU Food Pantry provides food and at-home essentials free to all...

A picture of the Carillon Towers with the plaque removed at Northern Michigan University.

Online petition calls for the rededication of NMU monument

Northern Michigan University officials removed a plaque on the Carillon Towers after an online petition calls for the monument to be rededicated. The petition, written by John Doe, an anonymous...

Three college seniors, all young women, in front of a newspaper collage background.

North Wind seniors say goodbye

Mary McDonough: copy editor To the scared 20-year-old Mary at the North Wind office: It’s Winter 2018, You don’t feel ready yet. It seems intimidating and you want to bring your best to something...

Professors, students adapt to online classes

Professors, students adapt to online classes

Isabelle Tavares March 19, 2020

On March 11, 2020 NMU joined the ranks of college campus closings due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Professors scrambled to move their in-person classes online in one weekend—and this was felt especially...

Q & A Continued

March 12, 2020

President Fritz Erickson  Coronavirus and influenza have been grouped together when talking about medical concerns. Why is this so and how does NMU approach the issue? This is not an either-or....

Think Tank debate: Is Donald Trump racist?

Think Tank debate: Is Donald Trump racist?

DeForest Dalbec and Doug Zvosec February 26, 2020

AFFIRMATIVE by DeForest Dalbec Examining the term “racist” is vitally important. The topic is related to cultural-racism, or xenophobia, and should be examined, but the terms of the debate are...

Rid Okay, Boomer mindset for futures sake

Rid ‘Okay, Boomer’ mindset for future’s sake

Mary McDonough February 13, 2020

The “Okay, Boomer” mindset might be a joke, but it’s actually ignorant. To laugh at those who came before us, and set the foundation for the world we live in, does nothing but show that we are too...

Drug abuse in Marquette impacts youth

Rayna Sherbinow February 6, 2020

The most commonly abused drugs in Marquette County in 2019 were crystal meth and MDMA, or molly, a stimulant which alters mood and perception, according to data provided by Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement...

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