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HOME SWEET HOME — My living room, where everything is in its right place. After having the place to myself, the first thing I did was rearrange the living room.

Opinion — Learning to live with roommates

Harry Stine November 2, 2023

In May of 2022, my father moved out of his house to live with his then-fiancé, now wife, and left the place to me. As long as I paid rent on the first of every month and utilities on the fourteenth, the...

RELAX — Sometimes taking a minute by the lake can help clear your mind. When you have classes you dislike, its important to try and stay as positive as possible.

Opinion — What to do when you hate your classes

Harry Stine September 21, 2023

I think one of the best feelings you can get out of college—and any job at that—is when you actually enjoy the work you do. It makes your major feel worthwhile; it makes you feel like you really wanna...

TALKING IT OUT — Politics are probably one of the trickiest topics out there. Remembering to keep your cool is the easiest way to prevent things from getting heated. Joleigh Martinez/NW

Editorial — Staying friendly when discussing politics

North Wind Editorial Staff September 21, 2023

If you’ve ever taken a political science class, you’d know that it’s only a matter of time before conversations start getting heated around certain topics. It happens to all of us, and you’ve seen...

QUALITY TIME — Simon and Chili go squirrel watching together at their spots on the windowsill.

Opinion — It’s okay to ‘replace’ a pet

Amelia Kashian September 19, 2023

The grief of losing a pet is a kind of pain that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. It’s hard to comprehend the fact that our animals live for only a small fraction of our lives, and that soon our houses will...

Opinion — Is it me or is it my professor?

Opinion — Is it me or is it my professor?

Dallas Wiertella January 20, 2023

Something that I hear most around campus when discussing classes is that some professors fail to instruct their classes, which leads to the downfall of their students.  We have all heard the horror stories...

LEARNING TO MOVE ON — Taking a self-reflecting walk along Little Presque Isle my freshman year, in the fall of 2019, after having moved eight hours away from everything I had ever known.

Opinion – Some motherly advice about college my mother never told me

Annamarie Parker, Copy Editor October 11, 2022

The world is flat. The moon landing was fake. Birds are not real - they are government spies. The Illuminati exists. Chemical trails are a thing.  These are all conspiracies built to “stir the pot,”...

Advice I wish I was told as a freshman

Advice I wish I was told as a freshman

Katarina Rothhorn, Editor-in-chief September 2, 2022

Someone, likely a parent or counselor figure who has not been a college student in over 20 years, has probably given you some advice already about how to survive your undergraduate experience. This advice...

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