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COLLECTION — Her name is Hatsune Miku, and not only is she the mascot for a singing synthesizer software, she opened the floodgates to my obsession with collecting anime figures and art toys.

Opinion — Advice from a art toy collector

Deirdre Northrup-Riesterer March 15, 2024

You may see my collection and be amazed at the abundance of a certain teal-haired girl. Her name is Hatsune Miku, and not only is she the mascot for a singing synthesizer software, she opened the floodgates...

SAG* art show promotes hands-on experience

SAG* art show promotes hands-on experience

Andie Balenger February 27, 2023

The Students’ Art Gallery (SAG*) will be debuting “The Interactive Show,” an art display that can be physically interacted with by viewers, tonight at their gallery in the Lydia M. Olson Library.  When...

Graphic courtesy by Art Therapy Club

Art Therapy Club invites students to sit back and relax with art mediums

Dreyma Beronja, News Editor March 15, 2022
NMU's Art Therapy Club invites any and all to come and immerse themselves in art to escape from the stressors of reality and relax with some hands-on activities.
Opinion—One year later: NFTs are (still) a scam

Opinion—One year later: NFTs are (still) a scam

Nicholas Conroy, Copy Editor February 12, 2022
Well, here we are again. Around this same time last year, I published an opinion piece titled “NFTs are killing the planet.” At the time of publishing, I understood NFTs as a fringe concept, something that existed on the peripherals of the tech industry, and I was concerned about its spread into art-related fields.
pixel mona lisa

Opinion—NFTs are killing the planet

Nicholas Conroy March 16, 2021
From the stock market to bitcoin, cryptocurrency seems to be all the rage these days but there is a lesser known crypto-related element that has been creeping slowly toward prominence in the form of crypto art. This new classification of art is not only causing controversy among the art world but is killing the environment as well.
Photo courtesy of Ali Davis instagram
AWAKE ART—One of Davis multiple pieces of art being displayed at Contrast Coffee. The artwork will be on display through March.

Contrast Coffee displays student’s social justice focused artwork

Peter Smedley February 25, 2021

The summer of last year saw a rise in social justice advocacy. Headed by protests from the Black Lives Matter movement, it was a time centralized around accountability and truth. Many students were inspired...

Sketch of a person drawn by an anonymous artist

School of Art and Design hires student models to help artists gain experience

Katarina Rothhorn October 20, 2020

Rebecca Short, a senior majoring in biology with a concentration in zoology, spent her first time modeling for the School of Art and Design completely undressed and holding the same pose for two two-and-a-half-hour...

Keynote speaker for Indigenous peoples day to share stories, how to fight injustices

Keynote speaker for Indigenous peoples’ day to share stories, how to fight injustices

Katarina Rothhorn October 7, 2020

Frank Ettawageshik, the keynote speaker for NMU’s Indigenous Peoples’ Day on Oct. 12, will be presenting at 6 p.m. via Zoom on his experiences as a Native American involved in Indigenous politics...

Grant donation expands art, culture at DeVos

Grant donation expands art, culture at DeVos

Jack Webster October 31, 2019

Through a grant program, several Marquette County organizations were awarded funds to expand arts and culture, and NMU’s DeVos Art Museum was selected as one of the         ...

BEND LIKE A WILLOW—Student dancers participating in the CO/LAB Collective production, “What We Leave Behind: Addressing Climate Change Through Dance,” commune with nature.

Artists collaborate for climate

Akasha Khalsa October 30, 2019

Seeking to promote awareness of climate change through artistic expression, a new lecture, dance, multimedia and live music collaborative performance by the CO/LAB collective is coming to the Forest Roberts...

MAKING CHANGE—Jordan Matterella stands with Ian Parkkonen, project leader for the planting of 500 cedar trees on behalf of the Interfaith Water Stewards in the summer of 2018.

Artist duo celebrates water

Akasha Khalsa October 10, 2019

October brings a new environmental art exhibit to Marquette, with “Water Rising,” a husband and wife project, on display at the Arts and Culture Center from Oct. 1-30. The exhibition is free and open...

Modern architecture in a dismal state

Modern architecture in a dismal state

Riley Garland April 18, 2019

There is no building more iconic than the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. As it was engulfed in flames this last Monday, people across the globe felt the devastating loss of perhaps one of the greatest...

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