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UNIVERSITY DIVESTMENT UPDATE — DivestNMU members protest at Cohodas Hall in April, 2023. 
As of December 2023, the Northern Michigan University Board of Trustees gave full support in divestment. Photo Courtesy of Kolibri Drobish

Board of Trustees vote in favor of sustainability

Ryley Wilcox February 2, 2024

At the December Board of Trustees Meeting, the board voted 7-0 to pass a revised NMU Investment Policy. The policy calls for 100% divestment from fossil fuels by 2028, 50% of which by 2025, and an investment...

ENROLLMENT - NMUs enrollment dashboard shows a total enrollment of 6,970 students, as of Sept. 12, 2022.

NMU enrollment numbers continue to fall

Ryley Wilcox and Jackie Phillips March 20, 2023

Enrollment data for Fall 2022 semester shows overall student enrollment is still dropping for first time freshman enrolling in the university following the COVID-19 pandemic. In contrast, however the number...

WELCOME TESSMAN - Brock Tessman started his first day as NMUs 17th President on Feb. 1, 2023.

Brock Tessman announced as the 17th president of Northern Michigan University

Dreyma Beronja, News Editor September 29, 2022
During a special session with the Board of Trustees, the 17th president of Northern Michigan University was announced.
Board of Trustees holds special all-student forum

Board of Trustees holds special all-student forum

Dreyma Beronja, News Editor March 21, 2022
NMU's Board of Trustees held a virtual discussion over Zoom on Tuesday, March 15, as a step forward to communicate better with students.
TELL ME MORE-An extract from an archived interview by Miriam Hilton with Luther West, in which West discusses his association with the Race Betterment Foundation.

Letter to the Editor—No mistake made removing West’s name from Science Building

Aaron Loudenslager February 1, 2022
The Northern Michigan University Board of Trustees made the right decision when it voted last month to remove Dr. Luther West’s name from the edifice formerly known as West Science—now denominated simply as the Science Building. This action communicates to the general public, and to the NMU community in particular, that the university considers the value of an inclusive, pluralistic society to be a fundamental and paramount one.
CONTESTED NAMESAKE-After the NMU Board of Trustees recently voted to remove Luther Wests name from what was previously West Hall, the building has been temporarily dubbed the Science Building.

Letter to the Editor—In support of Luther West

Carl Anderson January 20, 2022
I am writing this letter because I believe that I am one of few people alive who knew West well. I grew up with his youngest son and spent as much time at the West house as my own.
TAKING A VOTE—NMUs Board of Trustees met virtually on Wednesday, Dec. 1, for a special session to discuss the presidential search firm as well as interim presidents, Kerri Schuiling, contract. The next scheduled board meeting will be on Thursday, Dec. 9, at 11:30 a.m. in the Northern Center.

BOT holds special meeting for presidential search firm, interim president’s contract

Dreyma Beronja, News Editor December 2, 2021
NMU's BOT held a special meeting on Dec. 1 to discuss the presidential search firm proposal as well as interim president Schuiling's contract.
WHAT COULD BE LOST—Many are concerned that pieces of campus life such as the important gathering space in Whitman Hall may be lost due to facilities plans created with the aim of increasing university profit.

Letter to the Editor—Robert Mahaney’s conflicts of interest

Kadin Fox November 11, 2021
On Oct. 1, Chair of Northern Michigan University’s Board of Trustees Tami Seavoy accepted Robert Mahaney’s resignation as liaison to the university’s foundation board. Mahaney, CEO of the local real estate giant Veridea Group, claimed his decision was made in order to avoid the “appearance of a conflict of interest,” in regards to the foundation contracting with Veridea Group.
QUESTIONS?—Long lines of students, faculty and community members stand before microphones at the Oct. 26 university forum. So many people were in attendance that the room was expanded to meet fire code.

Editorial—Students will be heard, one way or another

North Wind Staff November 1, 2021
When you’re blind, you can’t see. NMU’s administration has certainly been blind to many of the issues which are important to students and faculty at this university.
Opinion—Erickson termination leaves NMU with unprecedented uncertainty

Opinion—Erickson termination leaves NMU with unprecedented uncertainty

Travis Nelson, Sports Editor October 7, 2021
I really thought that the past two years couldn’t be touched in terms of the level of chaos at NMU. However, topping even a global pandemic, right now we’re left without a permanent president or a union contract.
Editorial—Reflections on Erickson’s termination

Editorial—Reflections on Erickson’s termination

North Wind Staff October 5, 2021
It has now been over a week since the Board of Trustees unexpectedly terminated former President of the university Fritz Erickson on Sept. 24. For several days after the event, blindsided students watched and rewatched the meeting, analyzing each word spoken by BOT members, trying to fully understand the abrupt termination.
Photo courtesy to NMU Academic Affairs

Kerri Schuiling appointed interim president

Dreyma Beronja and Ayanna Allen, News Editor and Staff Writer October 1, 2021
On Oct. 1 during the Board of Trustees formal meeting, Kerri Schuiling was appointed as interim president for NMU.
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