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Students update their closets sustainably at EcoReps clothing swap

Students update their closets sustainably at EcoReps clothing swap

Abigail Faix October 13, 2023

EcoReps set up shop for their Clothing Swap in Jamrich on Oct. 13. Dresses, tops, and bottoms were laid or hung by size and neatly folded by the organizers. Participants could find all types of styles...

SWAP AND RECYCLE — EcoReps is hosting a campus-wide clothing swap where students can take what they need or want for free. (Photo courtesy of Cece Hogan)

Swap out clothes and revamp your closet sustainably

Abigail Faix October 11, 2023

On Friday, Oct. 13, Northern Michigan University EcoReps is holding a clothing swap. The event will take place in the atrium of Jamrich from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. This swap is the perfect time to get rid of...

REDUCING CLOTHING WASTE — EcoReps members Grace Freed, Cece Hogan and Miki Rogers (pictured left to right) volunteer at the Winter Clothing Swap hosted in Jamrich Hall. The swap provides students an alternative to fast fashion and encourages reducing and reusing clothing waste.

Clothing swap promotes sustainable purchasing habits, redirects from fast fashion

Ryley Wilcox February 17, 2023

EcoReps hosted their winter Clothing Swap Wednesday, Feb. 15 in Jamrich Hall from 12 to 4 p.m.   EcoReps, NMU’s sustainability student organization, asked students via the Hub and an Instagram post...

SO THRIFTY—Freshman sports science major Savanna Fassio picks out some clothes from the EcoRep’s swap. 
Maggie Duly/NW

Thrifting to promote sustainable fashion

Maggie Duly November 21, 2019

Ever wonder how much waste is produced by the clothes on your back? It’s probably a lot more than you think. Nearly 20 % of global water waste is produced by the fashion industry, according to United...

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