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COOKING — Having an oven is an easy way to make and prepare meals of almost any kind. If you live in the dorms, using the shared kitchen may be awkward, but it can lead to friendly interactions with your neighbors.

Editorial — Learning to cook for yourself

North Wind Editorial Staff September 26, 2023

One of the most crucial parts of living on your own is being able to properly feed yourself. For some, learning to cook may come easy, and for others, giving up and making a frozen pizza has become second...

STRAWBERRY CREPES — An arrangement of my crepes filled with homemade strawberry rhubarb jam and ringed with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. I also experimented with strawberry garnishes that I discovered on YouTube.

Cooking with Kata — Mental health crepes

Katarina Rothhorn March 23, 2023

I was planning on hosting a crepe party with my friends this past weekend, but none of them wanted to make the trek through the crazy wind and snow to my apartment. When we decided to postpone the brunch...

FRESH BAKED BREAD — While not as beautiful as store bought focaccia, homemade bread is worth the wait. The process of making bread helps me manage my time better and have fun experimenting with different recipes.

Cooking with Kata — Sourdough focaccia and bonus pizza

Katarina Rothhorn February 21, 2023

It’s that time of the week again, where my sourdough starter (lovingly named Fredricka) needs to be fed and my weekend is spent procrastinating homework through a new baking project. This weekend the...

FRESH FROM THE OVEN — Cinnamon rolls straight from the oven are a luxury everyone should experience at least once this semester. Even if its not from this recipe that includes sourdough, look up a recipe that fits ingredients in your kitchen and make some this weekend!

Cooking with Kata — Sunday Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls

Katarina Rothhorn January 27, 2023

I am fully aware that not many college students have, let alone want, to keep a sourdough starter alive while they have all the responsibilities of life and classes. However, I became the proud mother...

CARROT FLOWERS — A great way to decorate your carrot cake are with sliced raw carrots. For a sweeter design, you can also boil some carrots in a sugar syrup and bake them to make candied carrots.

Cooking with Kata — Spontaneous carrot cupcakes

Katarina Rothhorn and Hayden Bruzewski November 28, 2022

Picture this: my friend and I sitting under a tree on the academic mall, trying to do homework while enjoying one of the last sunny days of the year.  Hayden (friend) says, “Dining hall had carrot...

FIRST TIME AIR FRYING — After compulsively buying an air fryer one evening, the first thing I decided to make was this air fryer orange tofu. It exceeded all my expectations and gained my friends approval as well.

Cooking with Kata — Air fryer orange tofu and broccoli

Katarina Rothhorn October 21, 2022

After going down a rabbit hole of air fryer TikTok recipes, I had a moment of weakness at 9 p.m. one evening and bought the cheapest air fryer I could find. It arrived four days later and the first thing...

SHOP AND SIP — I discovered the fun drink phenomenon while searching for a FitAid at a local grocery store in Marquette. To ensure my shopping trip is not a bore or a chore, I now select a “fun drink” to enjoy while checking off my grocery list.

Opinion — The fun drink phenomenon

Andie Balenger, Opinion Editor September 27, 2022

I refuse to believe that I am the only person who hates grocery shopping. The thought of driving across Marquette to the nearest grocery store, getting overwhelmed by prices and lugging around a basket...

BUILD YOUR OWN — Homemade pan pizzas are super easy to make and you can add whatever combination of toppings you want. I made mine with peppers and spinach to feel like I was eating more veggies.

Cooking with Kata — Pan pizza

Katarina Rothhorn, Editor-in-chief September 21, 2022

This is a recipe that might seem somewhat complicated and yes, it does take some planning ahead, but most of the time spent on this recipe is waiting for the dough to rise. You could easily work this recipe...

You can cook up your gnocchi any way you like, but I recommend frying them in a pan with some butter and herbs. Frying them will add more flavor and a crispier exterior.

Cooking with Kata — Carrot gnocchi

Katarina Rothhorn, Editor-in-chief September 8, 2022

When making the decision to move out of the dorms, one of the biggest deciding factors for me was having access to my own kitchen. Cooking my own meals is not only a way for me to have complete control...


Cooking with Maggie—Homemade baked apple cider donuts

Maggie Duly November 3, 2020
When I think of fall, I think of apple cider, donuts, pumpkins and romping around my favorite cider mill. Unfortunately, as many of you may know there are no cider mills near or around Marquette, and I’m still failing to find one in the whole U.P.
spaghetti squash bowls

Cooking with Maggie: Preparing spaghetti squash bowls

Maggie Duly October 12, 2020
Scrap the pasta noodles and the ceramic bowls, this dish has everything all wrapped up in one vegetable. Spaghetti squash is a seasonal vegetable that is most popular and accessible in the fall months. The squash family is versatile and can be either the heart of or a side to many recipes.
cookies lit by candles

Cooking with Maggie: Fun, festive fall fare

Maggie Duly September 21, 2020
As the temperature begins to drop and the leaves start to sport their crimson, it’s evident that fall will be knocking on your door for it’s brief stay. Autumn is by far the best time of year for candle scents, scenic hikes, spontaneous road trips and tasty treats.
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