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Editorial—Parental Rights in Education Bill threatens education

Editorial—Parental Rights in Education Bill threatens education

North Wind Staff January 30, 2022
A Florida bill passed by a house committee and introduced to the state senate seeks to prevent teachers from discussing LGBTQ+ topics and history in the classroom, with parents able to sue the school in question if they feel their child has been exposed to topics pertaining to gender identity and the LGBTQ+ community that interfere with their parenting.
Photo courtesy of Lower Kuskokwim School District
LEARNING—Alaskans Lower Kuskokwim School District was established in 1991. For the last 18 years, the school district has came to NMU in hopes of recruiting new employees.

Career Services partners with Alaskan school for teaching opportunities

Ayanna Allen, Staff Writer December 3, 2021

Northern Michigan University’s Career Services will be collaborating with the Lower Kuskokwim School District to host an information session about teaching in the “bush” of Alaska. The information...

Letter to the Editor—NMU should have a day care

Letter to the Editor—NMU should have a day care

Travis Bessner November 18, 2021
Now, if you don’t have a child please try to imagine if you did. We can all agree college can be hard, but imagine raising a child at the same time.
GATHERING SPACE—The Center for Native American Studies and the School of Education use Whitman Commons as a social lab space to learn how to create community, Department Head Joseph Lubig said.

Student pressure opposes plan to repurpose Whitman Commons

Akasha Khalsa, Opinion Editor November 2, 2021
Science departments on campus have been desperate for resources and especially lab space, so the administration suggested the possible transformation of “underutilized spaces” into labs. Several students and professors from the Center for Native American Studies spoke out at the forum against this use of Whitman Hall.
Sailing the Superior seas

Sailing the Superior seas

Peter Smedley June 4, 2021

Lake Superior is not quite an ocean, yet to many who have not experienced a Great Lake, it might appear as one. The lake is home to local swimmers, kayakers, surfers and sailors who all have learned to...


Opinion—#BLM, we’re not off the hook

Akasha Khalsa February 16, 2021

Black Lives Matter protests, police reform and related discussions received a lot of media attention in the summer of 2020, but now the furor has left the news cycle. That does not mean we are free of...

GOP tax plan threatens higher ed.

GOP tax plan threatens higher ed.

Tim Eggert November 30, 2017

At nearly 50 universities, including the unmentionable one 100 miles north of NMU, graduate students participated yesterday in walkouts against a standard nestled within the budget bill that passed the...

Education professor applies for $1 million federal grant

Sam Banks March 21, 2013

Funds would help train principles in Native American education The NMU School of Education has applied for a grant to develop a new program to educate American Indian and Alaska Native school administrators...

Students paying for school on own strive for a balance

Sam Banks February 21, 2013

For students who have little or no help from parents, scholarships or other funds that would otherwise assist in getting them through school, loans and full-time jobs become some of the only options for...

Editorial: Enhance NMU education for all

Northwind Staff February 21, 2013

NMU’s Retention Enhancement Initiative (REI) has provided high-risk students on academic probation with extra tutoring, hands-on learning and support outside of the classroom. The rise in those students’...

Alumni honored for education methods

Shaina James February 7, 2013

NMU alumni and early childhood educator Amy Ahola is being recognized by Microsoft’s Worldwide Education as one of the 365 Heroes in Global Education on this week. Shortly...

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