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Letter to the Editor — NMU must do more for student mental health

Letter to the Editor — NMU must do more for student mental health

November 17, 2022

Several weeks ago, Northern Michigan University’s Board of Trustees announced the appointment of Brock Tessman, deputy commissioner of higher education for the Montana State University system, as NMU’s...

CONTROVERSY - Friends and family of Luther West continue to contest NMUs decision to remove his name from what is now called The Science Building. West was discovered to be a proponent of the eugenics movement, both at NMU and previously at Battle Creek College.

Letter to the Editor — Removal of Luther West’s name is just

October 7, 2022

Several months ago, in a letter to the editor defending Northern Michigan University’s decision to remove Luther West’s name from the physical structure now known only as The Science Building, I issued...

Letter to the Editor — Presentism at NMU: How a respected professor became a villain

Letter to the Editor — Presentism at NMU: How a respected professor became a villain

Mark D. West August 31, 2022

The NMU Board of Trustees, and now the NMU Foundation, have sullied the memory of Luther S. West, professor emeritus of biology at NMU from 1938 to 1965. Ignoring decades of dedication to academic research,...

Letter to the Editor—Dotson suspension highly suspect

Letter to the Editor—Dotson suspension highly suspect

April 21, 2022
It’s important to recognize the disparity in treatment received by Dotson, on the one hand, and the treatment received by Greer and Brundage, on the other hand. Greer and Brundage have violated the constitutional and federal statutory rights of NMU students on multiple occasions over the past decade and a half, including illegally discriminating against students with mental disorders—but have not received any disciplinary actions themselves from the university.
Letter to the Editor—The Luther West I knew

Letter to the Editor—The Luther West I knew

Dorothy Vanerka February 13, 2022
This is sent with profound sadness and concern over NMU’s hasty decision to erase all traces  of Dr. Luther West from it’s campus. As a relative by marriage, I testify to the character of the man I knew for 36 years.
CONTESTED NAMESAKE-After the NMU Board of Trustees recently voted to remove Luther Wests name from what was previously West Hall, the building has been temporarily dubbed the Science Building.

Letter to the Editor—In support of Luther West

Carl Anderson January 20, 2022
I am writing this letter because I believe that I am one of few people alive who knew West well. I grew up with his youngest son and spent as much time at the West house as my own.
West Hall NMU

Letter to the Editor—Luther West is not blameless

Aaron Loudenslager December 3, 2021
Doctor Luther West—a former Northern Michigan University biology professor who openly supported the promotion of “conservative eugenic legislation and eugenic administration” in the 1920s—is a wholly “blameless” person. At least, that’s what Philip Niswonger seems to argue in his recent letter to the editor. But his letter to the editor is entirely unconvincing, as it solely consists of a series of nonsensical non sequiturs.
Letter to the Editor—Renaming West Science the wrong call

Letter to the Editor—Renaming West Science the wrong call

Philip Niswonger November 16, 2021
Interim President Kerri Schuiling recently sent out a statement about potentially taking the name of Luther West off of the West Science Building. I believe this to be a shameful act by the university and I hope the committee will reject the name change.
WHAT COULD BE LOST—Many are concerned that pieces of campus life such as the important gathering space in Whitman Hall may be lost due to facilities plans created with the aim of increasing university profit.

Letter to the Editor—Robert Mahaney’s conflicts of interest

Kadin Fox November 11, 2021
On Oct. 1, Chair of Northern Michigan University’s Board of Trustees Tami Seavoy accepted Robert Mahaney’s resignation as liaison to the university’s foundation board. Mahaney, CEO of the local real estate giant Veridea Group, claimed his decision was made in order to avoid the “appearance of a conflict of interest,” in regards to the foundation contracting with Veridea Group.
Lucy Blair

Letter to the Editor—Finding home in Calhoun County

Lucy Blair March 18, 2021
When I read Ashley Beronja's recent opinion column about her experience moving from Battle Creek to Marquette, I couldn't help feeling like I was living a weird Act II of Ashley's story, as someone whose home went from being Marquette to living in Calhoun County, where Ashley grew up.
thin blue line

Letter to the Editor—The thin blue line: A symbol of pride, not hate

Karen Bahrman March 4, 2021
A recent opinion piece urged readers not to display the Thin Blue Line flag because its originator was allegedly a racist, it has been co-opted by groups who are undoubtedly racist and it fosters an “us-them” mentality as between law-abiding citizens and criminals, i.e., one that fails to include criminals in society, with race being the supposed criteria for criminal status.
explorers ship

Letter to the Editor—Don’t mythologize Columbus

DeForest Dalbec October 29, 2020
We should not have a “Columbus Day;” the whole idea of it was contrived on mythology, some historical inaccuracy and speculative mind-reading of a historical figure. I’m principally concerned with not repeating these mistakes, and wish to recover what we can from the mythologies of Columbus-haters and Columbus-lovers, both of which are addressing only a phantom of a man whose entire identity, let alone motives, are lost to time. Here I try to dispel some phantoms.
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