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OVERABUNDANCE? — We’ve come a long way since scrapbooks and old slides. The average smartphone user has about 2,100 photos on their device.

Opinion — More is less: The problem with your camera roll

Fischer Genau April 8, 2023

I have one photo on my wall: it is a black-and-white landscape of a place called God’s Thumb in Oregon. It is summer, and my brother and his girlfriend appear as tiny figures, walking towards the camera...

SECOND HOME — My uncle’s camp sits quietly at the end of a clearing as my dogs race each other to the door. From sunny days spent on the lake to late night card games, cross-country skiing expenditures to bean bag tournaments, there was always fun to be had at camp.

Opinion — Fond memories at a Yooper camp

Andie Balenger February 17, 2023

After returning to campus after winter break, a classmate asked me how I spent my time at home. As I explained that I spent some time with family at my uncle’s hunting camp, my classmate (who is not...

MELODIOUS MEMORIES - This is me on my fourth birthday, proudly holding one of my most iconic gifts. This plastic pink Barbie guitar played a set of preloaded songs, the most memorable of which was What a Girl Wants by Christina Aguilera. I remember singing along to all the songs, citing every word at four. My life is riddled with memories set to song, thanks to my family members sharing their passion for music.

Opinion — Generational mixtapes

Molly Birch February 2, 2023

Dad told me a story once, though I have no real clue of its truth.  According to the countless times I have heard this story, Dad often played music when I was a newborn at home. Safe in my bouncer,...

RECOGNITION — A picture of my awards for the fall 2022 publishing season at The North Wind.

Opinion – I did not want to be a journalist

Ayanna Allen December 13, 2022

Every English major hears the words, “What are you going to do with that?” at least once in their lives. The phrase loomed in the back of my mind since I transferred to NMU in the fall semester of...

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