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The North Wind

Photo of NMU Archives

Evening at the Archives ends for the year, future events planned

Ayanna Allen November 11, 2022

Many students may pass by the Archives every day and not even realize what it is. The NMU Archives, located in the basement of Harden Hall, hold a wealth of history. According to their homepage, the...

NMU Archives and the ghost stories within

NMU Archives and the ghost stories within

Harry Stine November 10, 2022

In the NMU Archives, student worker Eliza Compton waves away naysaying coworkers while she gives her theory as to why they might have a ghost messing with one of the filing cabinets. After sharing how...

Photo courtesy to NMU Archives
BLAST TO THE PAST—Located in the basement of the library, NMU Archives is home to all historical records from campus and the central U.P.

NMU Archives dives into past with Community History Workshop

Joad Blaauw-Hara, Contributing Writer October 15, 2021
To expand on the history and knowledge of the U.P., NMU Archives will host the community history workshop open for all.
Parade KKK

Archives to hold racial justice discussion

Akasha Khalsa February 18, 2021
The NMU archives, headed by Marcus Robyns, is set to hold a virtual discussion on the topic of “Critical Information Literacy: Consciousness Raising and Social Justice in the Archives.”
graphic of paper being digitized onto a laptop

UPLINK makes history for the Upper Peninsula

Rayna Sherbinow February 4, 2021

The NMU archives recently launched the development of The Upper Peninsula Digital Network or, UPLINK, which will enable heritage organizations around the UP to digitize their collections of historical...

NMU Archives hosts presentation on student protests in the past

NMU Archives hosts presentation on student protests in the past

Jamieson Greenough February 15, 2018

The Archives at NMU will host an event called “Black Pride, Billy Clubs, and Broken Promises: Student Protests at NMU.” The event will detail records of a student protest that happened at Northern...

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