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Three ASNMU members call it quits

Braden Linick November 29, 2012

The past two ASNMU meetings have resulted in the resignation of three more members, including ASNMU vice president Kelsey Hayes. Hayes has been one of the leading figures putting efforts toward the...

Impeachment still seeking resolution

Braden Linick November 15, 2012

Monday night’s ASNMU meeting offered little help regarding the organizations current impeachment status of their president, despite pleas of many students to find a way to fix it. This week’s meeting...

General assembly members resign at meeting

Braden Linick November 8, 2012

The ASNMU meeting this week began with the resignation of two more General Assembly members, College of Professional Studies Representative Brittany Voich and Down Campus Representative Sally Osentoski. Voich,...

Vice president of ASNMU thinks over resignation

Braden Linick November 1, 2012

The ASNMU weekly meeting Monday addressed a number of growing problems within their organization, while still trying to remain focused on helping students. At the beginning of the meeting, ASNMU Vice...

ASNMU Update: General assembly begins voting on judiciary

Braden Linick October 18, 2012

The process for choosing a judiciary for ASNMU that will eventually determine the fate of Benjamin H. Stanley’s presidency began this week. The regular Monday meeting started with the resignation...

ASNMU needs new leadership

NW Staff October 11, 2012

ASNMU president Ben Stanley’s removal from office is now in process. According to the articles of impeachment, over the span of seven months, Stanley has been accused of violating ASNMU policy and...

ASNMU focuses on judiciary

Braden Linick October 11, 2012

The ASNMU meeting Monday, Oct. 8 noted a top priority of completing interviews with individuals appointed to the ASNMU Judiciary. Once the interviews are completed, the general assembly will vote on...

Articles of impeachment passed

Braden Linick October 4, 2012

During the weekly ASNMU meeting, what started off as a slow and budget-filled discussion quickly heated up when a motion passed the articles of impeachment of ASNMU President Benjamin H. Stanley. On...

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