ASNMU needs new leadership

NW Staff

ASNMU president Ben Stanley’s removal from office is now in process.

According to the articles of impeachment, over the span of seven months, Stanley has been accused of violating ASNMU policy and procedure 22 times. That is an average of a little more than three violations per month.

Breaking order of closed session rules, neglect of office, misconduct, breaking order of censure and undermining the integrity of his office are listed as reasons for Stanley’s impeachment. With such a laundry list, it is mortifying that Stanley has been the visible leader of the students of NMU during his term.

Students need a professional representative. They do not need someone who “present[ed] to an assembly of Northern Michigan University Para-Professionals in an unacceptable manner as deemed by numerous persons in attendance,” as Stanley did on Wednesday, Aug. 8.

Stanley’s ongoing removal is an action that is appropriate and something many have anticipated in the past couple of months. What NMU needs now is a president who represents the student body with a level of professionalism and timeliness that upholds NMU’s image.

If Stanley is removed from office, it will be up to ASNMU vice president Kelsey Hayes to take on the role of president. Hayes will have the responsibility of clearing the air and starting ASNMU in a new direction.

ASNMU is the committee that gives a voice to and communicates the needs of the students. In order for the students’ voices to be heard, they need to have someone that the NMU community respects, someone with professional integrity.

The North Wind supports ASNMU’s decision to impeach President Ben Stanley.