ASNMU Update: General assembly begins voting on judiciary

Braden Linick

The process for choosing a judiciary for ASNMU that will eventually determine the fate of Benjamin H. Stanley’s presidency began this week.

The regular Monday meeting started with the resignation of College of Professional Studies Representative Abby Roberts.

In a long letter of resignation, she stated she was unhappy with the way ASNMU had been conducting itself and could no longer be of service to them. ASNMU now has 12 board members.

Five judiciary appointees were brought before the general assembly to either be approved or disapproved. The appointees were Richard Keiser, John Martin, Taylor Tillotson, Wesley Reiber and Tanya Pazdernik.

The nominations of Keiser and Pazdernik were defeated. The voting of Martin, Tillotson and Reiber was postponed to a later date due to no prior interview.

An interview is to be scheduled with each of these candidates and they will either be approved or disapproved at the meeting on Monday, Oct. 22.

Stanley again expressed his concern and opposition with the articles of impeachment.

“What people have been impeached for in the past is not what I have done. They have been actual bad things,” Stanley said. “Maybe some of these things are valid, but I know some are not.”

Stanley then provided a letter of authorization from the Center for Student Enrichment stating he was permitted to sell T-shirts in the University Center at certain times, contrasting what the articles of his impeachment state.

The last time an ASNMU president was impeached was in 1998 when the articles of impeachment of former ASNMU President Ryan Weidner were passed.

At the time, ASNMU members were on payroll. Weidner was reported not being in his office at the hours he had logged on multiple occasions.

At a recent Board of Trustee’s meeting, the ASNMU constitution was changed to give ASNMU their own judiciary to settle matters such as this.

The method for recruiting a judiciary is done by the president appointing candidates and then having three-fourths of the ASNMU general assembly approve those candidates.

“This is causing a lot of conflict on campus and needs to be resolved,” up-campus Representative Amber Lopota said. “There are candidates who would make an excellent judiciary, but cannot be approved due to this impeachment.”

If the impeachment is carried out by the judiciary, it will be up to ASNMU Vice President Kelsey Hayes to assume the title of president.