Three ASNMU members call it quits

Braden Linick

The past two ASNMU meetings have resulted in the resignation of three more members, including ASNMU vice president Kelsey Hayes.

Hayes has been one of the leading figures putting efforts toward the removal of ASNMU President Ben Stanley; however, they have been unsuccessful thus far.

“Good luck, sorry he’s [Stanley] still sitting there,” Hayes said. “We tried and will continue to try.”

The other members that resigned were Jacob McDaniel and Alex Nye, both college of arts and science representatives.

McDaniel’s frustrations lied within the impeachment gridlock ASNMU is currently in and he said could no longer commit 100 percent to the group.

He went on to say the organization is getting nowhere, but still wanted to thank those who contributed to the recently upgraded Dozing Discounts and revival of the Wildcat Market.

Nye said in his letter of resignation, contrary to Hayes and McDaniel, that the members of the group who created the articles of impeachment are to blame for the lack of progress.

“I had a wonderful working relationship with Ben and was always supported by him,” Nye said. “Until the members of ASNMU grow up and learn to play nice with others, they will continue to fail.”

In regards to the status of the impeachment, the organization is still awaiting more judiciary appointments from the president.

There have been more than 15 judiciary appointees that have either backed out or been declined by the general assembly.

In the most recent meeting, Wesley Reiber, the longest pending judiciary appointee, was finally declined by a 6-11 vote.

To be accepted to the judiciary, one must be appointed by the president and then approved by a three-fourths vote of the general assembly.

The group is currently seeking a general assembly or executive board member to fill the position of vice president.

“I need someone to work with me, not against me,” Stanley said. “I want these positions filled ASAP. I don’t have the disposable time to take on any vice president responsibilities.”

Although they are facing several problems, the group is still making things happen on behalf of the student body.

ASNMU will be attending another Students Association of Michigan (SAM) conference this weekend at Wayne State University (WSU).

The hotel discount program, Dozing Discounts, is finally up and running and can be accessed by students under the student services tab through

Up-campus representative Amber Lopota is still working on maintaining the Dozing Discounts hotels from last year, excluding the Wyndham chain that have already been validated.

Off-campus representative Rachael Fisher presented a budget for the 24-hour study lounge in Starbucks and the surrounding area in the LRC from Sunday, Dec. 2 to Thursday, Dec. 13. The budget was passed by a unanimous vote from the general assembly.

The 24-hour study lounge will also be open the week of spring break and the weeks before and of finals of the winter semester.