Superior Edge unnecessary

NW Staff and NW Staff

Superior Edge fever has hit Northern Michigan University but I have the immunization. Stupid little blue stickers are everywhere and I am constantly reminded when the next orientation session will be. However, I attended one orientation out of curiosity and have deemed the program pointless. It is a simple way to recognize Northern students for doing exactly what they should be doing–giving back to the community. It’s like the Superior Edge is trying to bribe people into being active. When one of my friends attempted to persuade me to pursue an “edge,” she used logic like, “You get rewarded for things you’re doing anyway” and “It’s not like you have to go out of your way.” This was a full-fledged Edger speaking.

As future members of the global community, you would think people would step out of their comfort zone and attend events that might widen their worldview. As future members of a community, you would think people would want to be good, ethical citizens. As future members of the work-force, you would think people would want to know how to be effective leaders. However, I notice students attending and volunteering for the sole reason to have hours to log. These students are only going through the motions instead of finding experiences that interest them and impassionate them to learn and do more.

What does it matter if I have 100 hours of leadership activity under my belt by the time I graduate? My experiences will speak for themselves when I apply for graduate school and employment. Don’t get me wrong. I understand why the Superior Edge was formed but I do not feel that the Superior Edge is a necessary ingredient in order to have an advantage in life.

Zach Ziegler, senior, music education