Computer theft devastates student

NW Staff and NW Staff

I wonder what goes through the head of a thief right before they are about to take something. What drives them to steal the personal belongings of someone they don’t even know? Is it the rush of adrenaline that runs through their veins right before they commit a crime? What pushes them to hurt other people?

I’m a trustworthy individual. I have never thought about stealing anything, except for the occasional Swedish Fish from the local convenience store. And even when I stole the penny candy, I felt bad about it.

Since I haven’t stolen anything of great value from anyone, I just assumed nobody would steal from me.

The other night, I was up revising a paper for my EN 211 class. I had my drafts, my headphones and my IBM R60 notebook that is provided by the university. I was in the TV room of my dorm hall and had a sudden craving for Easy Mac.

Being a trusting individual, I left everything in the TV room. I figured I would only be gone for a few minutes, so I left the door cracked like dozens of times before.

Kraft suggests cooking Easy Mac for two minutes and thirty seconds. So two minutes and forty-five seconds later I returned to the TV room only to find that my headphones and laptop were gone. I didn’t really think anything of it initially because some other kids in the hall and I occasionally joke around and hide things that are left around in the TV room. I searched and searched, but my belongings were nowhere. It’s amazing how so much can be stolen in so little time.

I want to thank this person for causing me a night of restlessness and a great deal of stress.

I want to thank this person for taking away semesters worth of homework and papers, leaving me to potentially fail my EN 211 class.

I want to thank this person for keeping me from talking to my girlfriend, who is out of the country for a month and can only use a certain computer program in order to communicate.

I want to thank this person for making me pay $500 to the university in order to get issued a new one.

This person not only took away my computer, but took pictures which held many memories that are irreplaceable.

I want to thank this person for also stealing the faith in humanity I had as fast as they stole my IBM R60 notebook.

Two laptops were stolen from Hunt Hall on Sunday, April 15th, one of them being mine. If anyone knows anything about this, please contact NMU Public Safety, and be careful.

Kris Kohtala

sophomore, business mgmt.