NMU boxing program down for the count


The United States Olympic Education Center (USOEC) boxing program is officially no more. Due to state budgets cuts to the university the USOEC had to terminate the program because it did not have the funding to continue in the winter of 2008.

Jeff Kleinschmidt, the director of the USOEC said the program officially ended on Dec. 15, 2007.

He also stated that the USOEC has located a possible alternate funding from USA boxing located in Colorado Springs but due to internal governing politics within the entity USOEC boxing was unable to get the funding for this semester, he said.

“We will not have a boxing program this semester,” Kleinschmidt said, “But we are optimistic it could be back as soon as the fall.”

Al Mitchell, the head coach of the boxing program, is still employed until January 31. Just three athletes of the 13 members of the team stayed to finish their degrees. One athlete stayed for personal reasons, while the other nine went on to pursue other interests.

Kleinschmidt said he hopes the program can overcome this obstacle, still be a strong program and recruit successful Olympic prospects in the future.