NMU Graduate School Admission Procedures

NW Staff

1. Submit a completed application for admission to the College of Graduate Studies.

2. Determine from the Graduate Bulletin the degree sought and the major (area of concentration) to be studied.

3. All degree-seeking applicants must send a $50 application fee. Non-degree students do not need to submit an application fee. However, when changing status from non-degree to degree-seeking, the $50 application fee will be assessed.

4. Request the registrar of each college previously attended, with the exception of Northern Michigan University, to send official transcripts directly to the College of Graduate Studies.

5. Have other supportive papers, such as entrance examination scores, letters of recommendation or teaching certificates, as required by the specific department sent to the College of Graduate Studies.

To be admitted into NMU’s graduate program, students must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year institution or an equivalent foreign institution. Additional requirements are different for every department.