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Students protest against Israel-Hamas war with campus encampment
Students protest against Israel-Hamas war with campus encampment
Dallas WiertellaApril 30, 2024

ASNMU needs to serve students

By Josh Swedlund

Since ASNMU passed the Articles of Impeachment, little has been achieved within the organization.

Members of the general assembly have resigned because of ASNMU’s gridlock: vice president Kelsey Hayes, College of Professional Studies representatives Abby Roberts and Brittany Voich, College of Arts and Sciences representatives Alex Nye and Jacob McDaniels and down-campus representative Sally Ostentoski.

While The North Wind supported the impeachment of Benjamin H. Stanley, it seems as if the window of opportunity for impeachment has passed.

With the fall semester drawing to a close, it would seem beneficial for ASNMU and students to wait until the April 2013 election to decide on a new president.

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The preamble to ASNMU’s constitution states that the organization exists “to take action in the best interest of the student body and university community, to provide an official voice through which student opinion may be expressed,” yet ASNMU has not lived up to this promise this semester.

The blame is not to be placed on the president alone: the whole of ASNMU has been unable to serve students because of a gridlock caused by the Articles of Impeachment.

Stanley himself has said, “I want ASNMU to be a success. They haven’t had a great reputation for years.” This continues to be the case, and even the administration has taken notice.

Associate Provost Bill Bernard attended his first ASNMU meeting in 10 years on Monday, Nov. 5, and made a statement to the organization.

“You’re losing members faster than you’re gaining them. As a group, I implore you to take some sort of action on this as a group or individuals. Either find a way to work together and solve the impeachment issue or work together as an organization,” Bernard said.

Members of ASNMU should refrain from resigning and instead work for the betterment of the students of NMU.

Leaving ASNMU at this time is detrimental to the student body. Members must work out their differences and try and accomplish more for students.

The letters of resignation of ASNMU members have been overly dramatic and petty. Former members have complained about the lack of cohesion within ASNMU.

In Alex Nye’s resignation letter, he stated, “I am sorry that this childish play is going on in ASNMU and the students we are a voice for should be embarrassed.”
Jacob McDaniels said in his letter of resignation, “I simply cannot waste my time with the lost cause that is this organization.”

It is disheartening to hear our former representatives say that our student government is a lost cause and that our remaining representatives display childish behavior while acting as figureheads for the student body.

The remaining members of ASNMU need to earn back the trust of students and administrators. Give us more than Dozing Discounts and the Wildcat Market.

Give us a real voice on campus.

Serve the students and not yourselves, ASNMU. Reach an agreement for the sake of your constituents.

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