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Students protest against Israel-Hamas war with campus encampment
Students protest against Israel-Hamas war with campus encampment
Dallas WiertellaApril 30, 2024

MSU professor explains the benefits of a plant-based diet

While some may not think twice of the poor diet that can be associated with the college lifestyle, research has shown positive results in support of a plant-based diet.

Aiming to highlight that research and encourage such a diet, Dr. Mary Clifton will be speaking at 11 a.m. in the Great Lakes Rooms on Wednesday, March 27. Clifton, author of the health guide “Waist Away: How to Joyfully Lose Weight and Recharge Your Life,” will be speaking about her book, which shows readers how to transition into healthier eating choices by following a plant-based diet.

Clifton was inspired to write her book following a routine check up with her doctor. Clifton’s results showed pre-diabetes and elevated cholesterol. From the information she had learned in medical school, Clifton made the switch to a vegetarian lifestyle and the results showed in more than just numbers.

“I was always tired after work,” she said. “I would come home to make dinner for the kids and need to rest. Now my energy levels have greatly improved. I have so much more life and energy.”

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Excited to share what her book entails, Clifton asserts that her presentation is not a “lecture” but an explanation of the scientific research regarding plant-based diets in an easy to understand format.

“It’s no secret that many of the diseases I see as a physician are problems that are the result of lifestyle choices,” Clifton said. “Our obesity epidemic is one of the greatest health threats we face today.

“With ‘Waist Away,’ my goal is to help people understand that they can eat a delicious diet, lose weight and improve their health.”

Being able to identify a good source of protein, mainly in dinner-time meals, has been something Clifton has found to be the biggest issue facing patients in their pursuit of a more healthy lifestyle.

“My experience, both personal and as a medical professional, has convinced me that the healthiest diet is a vegetarian diet,” Clifton said. “But I realize that not everyone will follow a strictly vegetarian diet. Waist Away includes ways to incorporate meat healthfully into your diet while focusing on a mainly plant-based style of eating.  In the book I’ve included nutrition calculators that will help readers see how dietary modifications increase consumption of fiber, vitamins and minerals without compromising protein or healthy fats.  Plus, the book offers appetizing recipes that help make the transition to a healthy diet easy.”

Some students at NMU have already found that plant-based diets are a way to improve your mental and physical health.

Junior drawing and painting major Kelly Peters is another supporter of the plant-based lifestyle, a decision that is not only her own good but for the good of other creatures as well.

“I feel strongly against the way animals are slaughtered in factory farming,” Peters said. “Eating vegetarian reduces your impact on the earth and the use of crucial resources. By not eating meat, I am able to avoid growth hormones in my food by replacing it by other sources of protein and have more energy.”

To discover more about Dr. Clifton’s teachings, visit

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