Dining Services Adopts Changes

Brandon Hansen

The Marketplace is undergoing changes after a summer of suggestions from the student body led to some new ideas for one of  the campus’ eatery.

An entirely renovated sandwich bar, new prospects on the pizza front and a promising future for a peanut butter and jelly bar are just some of the things students have to look forward to in their culinary future.

Certified chef Nathan Mileski said Dining Services is receiving positive notice as they move forward with the changes.

“We had great feedback prior to launching,” Mileski said. “Not a lot of universities do this, we’re just trying to stay ahead of it and have fun with it.”

“Last year during Food Advisory Board and ‘Let’s Chat’ meetings, students were asking for more options,” Mileski said. “Now there are 12 sandwiches, 42 ingredients. The option to have either a set-sandwich, whose names are based on buildings around campus, or to create your own are both available.”

Students wait in line at the renovated sandwich bar that offers new options for students at the MP; including 12 sandwiches and 42 ingredients (Photo: Kristen Koehler NW)

Mileski said the new deli set-up is available in the Wildcat Den as well as in the Marketplace.

Quality food and improved sanitation was of utmost concern in creating the new sandwich bar Mileski said.

“Nicer breads, nicer meats and better quality cheese. We’re slicing our own meat here on campus now,” Mileski said

According to Mileski, new sneeze guards are now in place, and there are more being shipped.

A new gluten-free station also marks the development of a healthier Marketplace, Mileski said.

According to Mileski, economics also played a role in the food services’ decisions.

“We lowered the price point for our commissary sandwiches this year,” Mileski said.

Shipments of meat come from Brickham’s, a Michigan based company and an outreach for a deal with a Michigan-based peanut butter distributor is in the works, as well.

“After we come back from Christmas, we’re replacing our pizza ovens with a deck oven,” Mileski said.

“We’re also going to roll out a build-your-own peanut butter and jelly bar. There’ll be a rail so you can set your plate down as you prepare your sandwich.”

According to senior Alan Kerr, forensic biochemistry major, the update is a good change to Dining Services.

“The changes are nice,” Kerr said. “The sandwich selections are good, but a lot of people miss the sandwich press they used to have but at the same time, people like the greater variety of bread and stuff too. It sounds cool. They should advertise it more, so people know they’re getting a healthier choice.”