Artist duo to speak at DeVos

Kate Clark

Artists Amy Long and Jennifer Davis, creators of the Free Association showcase displayed at the DeVos Art Museum are heading to Northern Friday, Sept. 20 for an exhibition tour and meet and greet from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Personally following their work for several years shined a light on the parallel concepts of the two artists’ mediums and is what drew museum director Melissa Matuscak to collaborate 2-D and 3-D work together into one exhibit.

Amy Long has visited Marquette previously during her breaks from teaching at Interlochen Center of the Arts, but it will be Davis’ first time to the area.

Artist Amy Long wofrks with hand-dyed and handmade felt, along with crocheted yarn, which is a feature in her display of "Conversation Piece." (Photo: Kristen Koehler)
Artist Amy Long wofrks with hand-dyed and handmade felt, along with crocheted yarn, which is a feature in her display of “Conversation Piece.” (Photo: Kristen Koehler)

They will be traveling from Traverse City and Minneapolis respectively so Matuscak said she is excited to have them finally meet one another in person.

“That’s something we always try to do at the museum-bring as many artists here as we can as it’s always a completely different experience looking at their work after you’ve met them in person,” Matuscak said.

Describing their work as “uneasy yet beautifully sublime,” Matuscak said there is a “push and pull” of reactions when viewing the individual pieces.

The vibrant and playful colors draw in a viewer’s eye, subtly displaying the dark, mythical images of Davis’ paintings.

Matuscak depicts her own interpretation of their work as  the repeated construction and deconstruction of colors and layers filled in with mechanical pencils and fine paint brushes.

The method of Long’s work also displays a form of losing control for just a moment to create woven sculpt

ures. According to Matuscak, Long uses either a washing machine method to agitate old fleece material or takes unspun wool from a sheep and constructs by hand.

Freshman art student Mary Mrozinski said she has already is excited for the exhibition tour.

“I’ve seen flyers for it all over campus and they’ve spread the word on all the social media sites too,” Mrosinski said. “It’s always great to experience art first hand. Plus, it’s all free.”

The Free Association artist tour and Q-and-A is open to the public and will be held at 6:30  p.m.  on Saturday, Sept. 20 at the DeVos Art Museum located on campus at the corner of Tracy and Seventh streets.