Promote peace, love, positivity with Love Club


WALKS WITH NATURE —Love Club goers often take nature walks to free their minds and be at one with “the source.” Founder Austin Clay plans to involve the club in more efforts surrounding sustainability. Photo courtesy of Austin Clay

Maggie Duly

There is a place right under your nose where you can explore your passions, exercise your awareness, grapple with burning questions all while being yourself with other like minded people. This haven-like environment is known as Love Club. 

The broad mannered club was founded just around a year ago by junior medicinal plant chemistry major Austin Clay. 

“We are creating a space that is non-judgemental in order to express yourself, to grow and to live well,” Clay said. “What I mean by live well is to feel a sense of fulfillment or flourish in the moment that you’re currently in so every moment in love club we are trying to attain that feeling and trying to help you grow for yourself for the community to get better. The mission statement might be bettering yourself for a better us.”

For their first meeting, the club met up at Presque Isle where members signed up to run sessions in the upcoming meetings. Running a session includes sharing something you’re passionate about for around 10 to 15 minutes while the group listens and then opening the floor up for discussion afterwards. 

“Everyone was lighting up from what the people had to say, and it was really cool to see the conversation kind of go and that’s really what I’m looking for in a session is some really abstract deep conversation about our lives,” Clay said. 

The club is set up as a safe space for people to come explore and learn about what makes them happy while encouraging others to do the same. 

“The cool thing about love club is that it’s very broad so whatever a person might be passionate about, they can bring that to the table,” Clay said.

Every week the club meets around two to three times. Last year they were stationed in the Meditation Room at the UC, but since the construction they have been either outside or in Jamrich 3101. 

“This last Saturday was out first litter pick up and we’re going to do that again because that felt really good,” Clay said. “Caring for Mother Nature is a huge thing and if we could help in anyway I really plan to have Love Club point that direction to sustainability.”

At meetings in the past the group has gone on nature walks, made crafts, painted together and many healthy practices.  

“I like to do gratitude sessions where we express what were grateful for just to get that happiness flowing because really, happiness lies in gratitude and appreciation for what you do have,” Clay said.

Clay describes the atmosphere as a “non-denominational feel to a spiritual environment”. He believes no matter what people believe in, it can always be summed up into just love. 

“Long term I really want to spark inspiration in the younger folks to keep this going once I’m gone so basically to build a legacy is what I’m aiming for,” Clay said.

The club is diverse in members and at most meetings they average around 10 or so participants. Love Club is open to all people, to learn more or to find contact information, go to the NMU student organizations page and the club is listed under spiritual. 

“We are just trying to promote peace, love and positivity and it sounds really simple but were going to go in depth to it,” Clay said. “With that specific goal to promote peace love and positivity, a lot of change can be made in our own lives and in the people around us. We’re trying to change the world, really. One person at a time we’re working to make this place better to make us better.”

The club will be meeting at 6 p.m. Sept. 12 in Jamrich 3101.