Next semester courses: plan ahead, but don’t fret

Next semester courses: plan ahead, but dont fret

North Wind Staff

You may have noticed that NMU has released a list of courses with its dates and times that are available for next semester. If you haven’t done so already, please take the time and save yourself the stress and plan your schedule out now.

Signing up for classes is not yet an option, but knowing what will be available now will set you on a better path when that time does come.

At that point, if you didn’t already know, signing up for classes will go in order by credit hours, so seniors will be at the top of the list to schedule their classes first before the sophomores, for an example. 

However, if by the time you are able to register, a class is filled and is no longer available to you even if you were relying on that class and quickly jumped on the opportunity at the start of its opening, do not fret; your chance and timing will come. We all go through it and it happens to everyone.

Part of college is battling this very thing and managing time is something many people struggle with. It’s not easy to do. But time does not get to dictate your success. Society teaches us that a bachelor degree generally takes four years to complete, but that does not mean that you’ve failed for taking longer to graduate.

Everyone has a different pace they work at, and half the time, it’s not even the student’s fault. 

So here’s what you can do: Have a back-up plan. If a class falls through, don’t wait until that moment to think of what else you could do. Think of that stuff before the course list even comes out.

Take advantage of your peers and advisor. They can help you decide, especially if your major or minor is undeclared. 

Of course, after many years, it is daunting and the expense can really stack up. But don’t let this take hold of your capabilities and get your hopes down. 

We’re all here to finish. That’s the goal. And sure, the amount of time it takes can eventually matter, but we’re still young and taking longer to learn something will actually only benefit you in the long run. It will all be worth it.