Spotlight on Forest Roberts Theatre


Photo courtesy of NMU Marketing NORTH COAST—As part of the 2020 to 2021 season, the department of theatre and dance put together an inaugural dance event to present a vibrant showcase.

Ashley Beronja

The Forest Roberts Theatre, located on NMU campus, is home to the department of theatre and dance serving as the main stage. The theatre offers an inclusive and collaborative arts experience both on stage and in the audience for students and engaging entertainment for the community. Due to COVID-19, the theatre had to make changes in order to still be active while following safety protocols.

“We had to pivot from in-person performances to virtual performances,” Bill Digneit, director of theatre and dance said. “We started making movies and radio plays for our audiences and students to experience.”

The FRT seats around 515 people and has its very own scene and electric shops along with art costume facilities and dressing rooms. Students who are active in the department of theatre and dance can find themselves working hands-on in different areas of the theatre that help bring the shows to life.

“The department is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion for all so all one really needs is an interest in theatre and a good work ethic and they can get involved,” David Pierce, technical director and production manager, said.

The FRT also participates in the Theatre for All program. The Theatre for All Initiative was created by NMU faculty in 2018 and is designed to bring sensory friendly productions to our campus and community.

“We’re one of the only collegiate theatre programs in the nation that offers these performances, so it’s a really unique feature of our department,” Lilith Kontos, marketing manager and box office manager, said. 
For those interested in participating in the FRT, contact Bill Digneit at [email protected], David Pierce at [email protected] or Lilith Kontos at [email protected] and be sure to check out the department website to find out more information as well as the upcoming season.