Staying sane in quarantine: 5 ways to not turn into a mindless zombie


Dreyma Beronja, News Editor

COVID-19 has been in the U.S. now since Jan. 21, 2020. I have been fortunate enough to go the last two years without testing positive for COVID however, with the winter semester starting, I have had a couple of COVID scares. Thankfully both test results came back negative but I still had to quarantine until those results came back.

Since this was my first time having to quarantine since the very beginning of the pandemic when I returned home from school, it was a bit of a shock to go from one extreme of a schedule to another. Fortunately for my quarantine period, it was still early on this semester so I hadn’t missed too much but it was still an inconvenience mentally and financially to not be working or going to class for the time.

At the end of my week in quarantine, I found that these five things helped me get by more than I realized. If you have to go into quarantine, whether for a scare, like me, or a positive result, consider implementing a couple of these ideas into your quarantine to help not feel like a complete zombie and still stay a little sane.

1. Find a balance between relaxation and routine

I learned quickly that while in quarantine since I wasn’t able to attend classes in person I didn’t have much of a routine. My schedule switched to staying up all night and then sleeping throughout the day. While this wasn’t entirely bad, struggling to get back into the swing of the things afterward was. If you find yourself in quarantine whether because you tested positive or not, still try and keep a similar routine from before your isolation period. Not only will it help your quarantine time go by faster but it will also be easier on yourself once the time comes to be back outside.

2. Put on a comfort film/t.v. show

Being alone for a longer period of time than what you are used to can be hard. While the phone call or Facetime chat with a friend or family member can help, sometimes you will end up being alone due to being on a different schedule. When I wasn’t able to talk with anyone, I found that putting on a favorite movie or show helped as background noise. Alternatively, instead of watching something you have seen, quarantine is the perfect time to start something new.

3. Drink plenty of water

It sounds obvious, maybe painfully obvious, but something that I struggled with to remember to do while spending a week in my apartment alone was get in plenty of fluids. When active on campus or at work it’s easier for me to make sure I’m getting the water I need, however during quarantine when I wasn’t as active I found myself forgetting to get my fluids in. Water, important in every aspect generally, is especially important to have in your system while sick.

4. Get back into a hobby or try something new

As previously stated, being in quarantine is the perfect time to either start something new or revisit a previous interest or hobby. During my time I got back into playing one of my favorite video games, Stardew Valley. Whether it be an old or new video game, a book, painting or music, take the rare moment of solitude to enjoy a hobby or do something new.

5. Keep a list of gratitudes

This one might not be for everyone but something that I found to help me during the week was writing down things I was grateful for at the end of each day. Keeping a positive attitude during a time when you might not necessarily be the happiest helps keep the days moving. There was one particular day that I was feeling extremely down due to being alone in my apartment for almost a week. At the end of that day, I wrote down everything that made me happy and what I was grateful for. Not losing my taste and smell, being able to catch up on cleaning that I had been pushing off and enjoying a nice meal that I cooked were just a few things that I listed. Though this list can be as broad or specific as you want it to be – there isn’t a right or wrong way to be grateful!