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NOT A SOUND — A study area in Jamrich, almost devoid of people. Before covid, the halls would be packed with people socializing.

Opinion — The importance of socializing and discussion

Benjamin Bures December 1, 2023

I moved to Marquette in 2017, practically on a whim. I did not want to go back home to Indiana after working in Michigan and I had started a relationship with someone going to NMU as an art major. I figured...

Graphic courtesy by Marquette County Health Department

MCHD hosts COVID, Flu vaccination clinic

Dreyma Beronja October 19, 2022
From noon until 2 p.m. today, the Marquette County Health Department will host a COVID and Flu vaccination clinic for those eligible.
Graphic courtesy of NMU

COVID-19 isolation protocols clarification, new Pfizer booster

Dreyma Beronja, News Editor September 14, 2022
In a campus-wide email sent out Wednesday morning, interim president Kerri Schuiling clarifies confusion on COVID-19 protocols on campus.
HEALTHY CAMPUS — NMUs Health Center offers various services to the campus community, including monkeypox testing.

Monkeypox: What to know

Ayanna Allen, Assistant News Editor September 9, 2022

COVID-19 was the largest collective trauma event that has happened in this lifetime. Many people have reported that their lives have been permanently changed because of the ongoing pandemic. With monkeypox...

STAYING SAFE—NMU Ada B. Vielmetti Health Center continues to offer COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters via appointment.

COVID-19 at-home tests available, vaccinations and boosters at Health Center

Dreyma Beronja, News Editor September 7, 2022
In a campus-wide email sent out on Tuesday, interim president Kerri Schuiling addresses some COVID-19 updates with vaccinations, at-home tests and reminders to staying safe and healthy.
Editorial—Masking changes on campus

Editorial—Masking changes on campus

North Wind Staff March 18, 2022
Despite the excitement that might come along with a reduction in masking, as with any COVID-related policy change, there are many concerns to take into account.
COVID questions

COVID questions

Katarina Rothhorn, Features Editor February 26, 2022
While getting COVID-19 does generate some immunity, Sharp advises against relying on a previous infection for future immunity. Being infected with COVID-19 and getting vaccinated are not the same thing.  “If you get infected with the virus, the virus has, as part of its biology, ways to suppress your immune system,” Sharp said. “Yes, you will generate antibodies so that you can defeat the virus and survive, but some of those factors that the virus has may have effects that diminish the ability to have long lasting immunity.”
Getting COVID impacts on mental health

Getting COVID impacts on mental health

Katarina Rothhorn, Features Editor February 17, 2022

It is well known that the COVID-19 pandemic has created changes in everyone’s mental health. Loss of family members and friends, altered social situations and increased uncertainty has led to higher...

COVID-19 cases are low at NMU at the beginning of the 2022 fall semester - graphic

Marquette area sees decrease in COVID cases, free KN95 masks for public

Dreyma Beronja, News Editor February 3, 2022
COVID cases in the area have decreased since last week and KN95 masks become available to the public for free through the Marquette County Health Department.
Staying sane in quarantine: 5 ways to not turn into a mindless zombie

Staying sane in quarantine: 5 ways to not turn into a mindless zombie

Dreyma Beronja, News Editor February 2, 2022
Quarantine can be hard. Being alone for a week or more and having to miss school and work can add stressors to your life that does not help the already hard situation. Having things to do not only helps the time go by, but keeps your mind active and helps you feel less dead to the world.
CROSS CULTURAL - Olivia Dunn, a Polish-American student, makes perogies with her German Slavic studies major friend  and Polish exchange student friend in what she calls a true coming together of different cultures to appreciate one. Dunn has made friends from all over the globe in her program in Oldenburg, Germany.

Global experiences during a global pandemic

Katarina Rothhorn, Features Editor February 2, 2022

Olivia Dunn, third year international studies major, grew up in a Polish American household and knew she loved languages and travel at a young age. She learned Polish and has a language certification...

QUARANTINED—Students who live on campus who test positive for COVID-19 have the option to either return home if feeling well enough to do so or stay on campus in the first floor of Spooner Hall, the designated on-campus quarantine and isolation hall.

NMU medical director addresses quarantine, omicron concerns

Ayanna Allen, Staff Writer January 31, 2022
As the semester continues, Dr. Christopher Kirkpatrick, NMU medical director, addresses concerns regarding the new omicron variant, vaccines, quarantining on campus and positive test results on campus.
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