Condomonium celebrates inclusive safer sex


Katarina Rothhorn/NW

SAFER SEX – Devin Ziembiec (left) and Reyna Defoe (right) stand in front of the tables for Condomonium in Jamrich Hall. They passed out numerous educational pamphlets, latex-free condoms, dental dams and other sexual education materials.

Katarina Rothhorn, Features Editor

Paper bags lined both sides of the hallway in Jamrich for students passing through to pick up on their way from class. But for some reason, many students seemed to find taking these free goodie bags kind of awkward. Maybe it was the big signs above the bags that read “Safer Sex Goodie Bags” or the fact that each bag contained condoms, dental dams and a number of pamphlets providing information on healthy sexual practices. 

The goodie bags were a part of Condomonium, an annual safe sex fair on campus that provides free resources for students. This years’ fair was downsized to account for COVID precautions but still handed out a considerable amount of condoms and other safer sex resources on Monday, March 14. The fair will continue on Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Jamrich.

“It’s important because not a lot of people want to ask these questions,” Reyna Defoe, freshman psychology major and president for Magers Hall, said. “They may feel uncomfortable or they might not really want to ask it in the first place.”

Condomonium is co-hosted by Magers Hall, Feminism For All and the Student Equity and Engagement Center this year. Some of the resources they provide are information on stalking, sexual assault and how to report these unwanted activities. 

“We also have little cards for the Women’s Shelter that say ‘salon’ on them but they’re actually a service line in case somebody was too uneasy in the situation that they’re in,” Defoe said. “They won’t have something that will say ‘Woman’s Shelter,’ it will just say ‘salon.’”

The fair also highlights safer sex between all individuals, not just heterosexual couples. Using the term ‘safer sex’ instead of ‘safe sex’ also emphasizes this inclusivity and the importance of using protection during all sexual activities. 

“Safer sex emphasizes marginalized communities because it’s not as seen and not as well acknowledged,” Devin Ziembiec, second year preclinical psychology major and jumpstart leader at the SEEC, said. “Being able to have safer conversations and to feel, not only safer in the sense of engaging in the act, but also safer to talk about it … safer in the sense of there being resources to find and places to go to get those answers.”

For students looking for information and resources on safer sex outside of the Condomonium event can visit the SEEC located in 3001 Hedgcock across from Melted.  

“It’s important because the educational system emphasizes abstinence, and while that is not wrong, it’s also important to educate other ways of safely engaging in intercourse,” Ziembiec said. “By having this tabeling event and being able to do simple gestures like giving out goodie bags and giving out pamphlets, we are able to stick in their brains ‘oh, I never thought about this question that I have, so maybe I should do a little bit more research on this question in case I ever am in the situation.’ It’s just preparing any student for a future situation that they might find themselves in and making sure that they are safe as well.”