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The North Wind

SAFER SEX - Devin Ziembiec (left) and Reyna Defoe (right) stand in front of the tables for Condomonium in Jamrich Hall. They passed out numerous educational pamphlets, latex-free condoms, dental dams and other sexual education materials.

Condomonium celebrates inclusive safer sex

Katarina Rothhorn, Features Editor March 15, 2022

Paper bags lined both sides of the hallway in Jamrich for students passing through to pick up on their way from class. But for some reason, many students seemed to find taking these free goodie bags kind...

Finding a middle ground: how student orgs navigate online challenges

Finding a middle ground: how student orgs navigate online challenges

Katarina Rothhorn, Features Editor January 26, 2022

The Winter 2022 semester began with a sudden announcement that the first two days of classes would be canceled, the rest of the first week would be online and student organizations would have to meet virtually...

Members of Feminism For All sell homemade baked goods such as banana muffins, vegan chocolate chip muffins and rice crispies. The price differences for each patron emphasized the disproportionate wages people are typically paid based off of their identity.

Bake sale emphasizes pay gap

Joshua La Gorio, Contributing writer November 4, 2021

In Jamrich, many students lined up for Starbucks to start another day when the smell of muffins, cookies and Oreos wafted over from the ticket booth only a few steps away. A white board listed prices:...

Joleigh Martinez/NW

Feminism for All hosts annual Slut Walk

Ayanna Allen, Staff Writer September 9, 2021

Feminism for All will be hosting its annual Slut Walk to bring about awareness of sexual assault. There will be speeches and performances such as poetry, memoirs, personal narratives and more. The walk...

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