Queer Prom to provide night of inclusivity and fun


Joleigh Martinez/NW

PROM NIGHT – Members of the LGBTQ+ community have been invited to attend Queer Prom. Queers and Allies are offering a safe space for queer students to dance, have fun, and be themselves in a traditional prom setting.

Andie Balenger, Staff Writer

In campaigning for the presidential position of Queers and Allies, Miranda Miller knew that there was a demand for a queer-specific prom on campus. For many queer community members, the word “prom” is often associated with an awful high school experience. From gender-based dress codes to a lack of full self-expression, administrators limited what some would consider the best experience in high school based on sexuality and gender identity. 

“As a member of the queer community, I get those struggles of not being able to be with your partner in high school or not being able to present as you want to present,” Miller, elementary education major and Queers and Allies president, said. “I wanted to give an event that would provide a place for students to have an opportunity to be themselves.”

Guys, gals and non-binary pals are invited to join Queers and Allies in their hosting of Queer Prom on Friday, April 1. Students are welcome to gather on the third floor of Hedgcock, in between Melted and the SEEC, from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. for a night of music, dancing and enjoyment. 

“[Queer Prom] is giving queer students the opportunity to be themselves in a safe, LGBTQ+ space where they can be comfortable and have fun,” said Miller. “This is going to be a positive, fun night that attendees can remember.”

To replicate the traditional prom feel, the event space is set to be decked out in an assortment of gold, black and red decorations. Along with room for a dance floor and DJ booth, food, drinks and photo-op areas will be available to attendees as well.

Coordinators of the event have been looking to avoid any restrictions in terms of dress code and theme. While many attendees are planning to dress in formal attire, Q&A is encouraging students to come to hang out in whatever outfit they are most comfortable in.

“Everyone is invited to come, but it should be known that this is going to be a queer space,” Miller said. “We don’t want to take away from our queer students, so as long as you are an ally and know the purpose of this event you are welcome to have fun with us.”