Interim president reminds students to not trespass on railroad trellises


Akasha Khalsa/NW

FALLS IN FALL—Dead River Falls is a popular location for hikers and tourists in Marquette. Coupled with the fall trees, the waterfalls make for lovely photoshoots.

Dreyma Beronja, News Editor

With more autumn colors beginning to show and the weather cooling off, students and employees will be venturing out to see what Marquette County has to offer.

However, in an email sent out today by interim president Kerri Schuiling, Schuiling reminds students and employees that while heading outdoors to explore is encouraged, it is important to remember to stay safe and not trespass.

Schuiling wrote each fall, LS & I Railroads reminds community members, including those from NMU, not to walk on the railroad trellises to get fall photos. Not only is it trespassing, for which you could be fined, it’s dangerous.

Schuiling continues expressing that everyone needs to stay off railroad trellises at all times and that there are many other places to take autumn photos and explore.