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FALLS IN FALL—Dead River Falls is a popular location for hikers and tourists in Marquette. Coupled with the fall trees, the waterfalls make for lovely photoshoots.

Interim president reminds students to not trespass on railroad trellises

Dreyma Beronja, News Editor September 26, 2022

With more autumn colors beginning to show and the weather cooling off, students and employees will be venturing out to see what Marquette County has to offer. However, in an email sent out today by...

WONDERLAND-Although temperatures and wind chill have been extremely cold of late, there are still safe ways to enjoy the outdoors provided you prepare adequately.

Opinion—Outdoor recreation: preparedness, recommendations and rental options

Andie Balenger, contributing writer January 28, 2022
For me, there is nothing quite like the boost of happiness that results from a deep breath of fresh air and the sun shining on your skin. However, the frigid temperatures that accompany Marquette’s winters may discourage many students from participating in any form of outdoor recreation. Thankfully, there are many ways to prepare yourself for the cold so you can enjoy your time spent outdoors.
Lake Superior water guidelines for staying safe

Lake Superior water guidelines for staying safe

Joad Blaauw-Hara, Contributing Writer November 1, 2021

Marquette is known for its natural beauty, most of which is brought on by its close proximity to Lake Superior. The lake hosts a setting for numerous recreational activities but all who enjoy this...

Maggie Duly/NW
JUST ONE SLICE—Campus lecture-style rooms have been cut down to less than half their original capacity to follow the proper safety standards, like this space in McClintock Hall. Many rooms in this hall were not labeled for their capacity unlike other buildings on campus. Though students are properly spaced out in the lecture hall, there is no plexiglass for students except in front of the professors desk, unlike what is advertised on NMU’s Safe on Campus webpage.

Opinion—Plexiglas safety on campus not as advertised

Maggie Duly April 20, 2021

Since around this time last year, I have not been a full-time student on campus. I am enrolled full-time, taking 16 credits currently and I only meet for two courses in person on Tuesday. This is not...

Pictured is a student dining hall worker behind a plexiglass barrier waiting to swipe students into the dining hall.

NMU Dining prepares for winter semester

Justin Van't Hof January 21, 2021

Last week Wednesday, Jan 13. during a COVID-19 news conference, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced that the ban on in-person dining will continue until Feb. 1. She maintained hope that if numbers continue...

Online learning is the way to go right now

Opinion—Please don’t force students and professors to go through another semester in person

Sam Rush November 27, 2020

I am deeply worried by Northern Michigan University’s plan to return to in-person classes for the winter semester. I cannot, in good conscience, let another term continue in this manner without expressing...

physical distancing

Opinion—Why we should say ‘physically distancing’ instead of ‘social distancing’

Katarina Rothhorn November 24, 2020

The term social distancing is heard on a near-daily basis in the news, gatherings and even in friendly conversations. Seemingly overnight, we went from hanging out with friends, going to the movies and...

Sam Rush/NW

COVID-19 threshold ranges, expectations for rest of semester

Jesse Wiederhold October 30, 2020

As Northern navigates the final month before exams some may wonder what could happen if there was a large spike in COVID-19 cases. Could this affect the outlook or final piece of the semester? There is...

Picture of equipment used to test

Editorial—Don’t fear new wastewater testing

North Wind Staff October 28, 2020

Students, staff and community members may be confused about NMU’s initiative to test Marquette wastewater for the COVID-19 virus. It may even inspire fear for those who are unaware of the process and...

Public Safety warns of crosswalk danger

Northwind Staff February 7, 2013

According to Director of Public Safety and Police Services Mike Bath, many complaints have come to the Public Safety office in recent weeks regarding students walking blindly into crosswalks on campus. Bath...

ASNMU considers overseeing Safe Rides Program

Amanda Monthei January 31, 2013

by Amanda Monthei and Nathan Hale Among the topics discussed at Monday night’s ASNMU general assembly meeting, the establishment of a Safe Rides Program for students was the source of most discussion. The...

NMU improves shooter response measures

Ellen Holmes January 17, 2013

Following the December shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, public schools and universities across the country have become more skeptical of the safety precautions in place in the event...

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