“Rock the Vote” to centralize voter information on campus with live music


Graphic courtesy of Freddy Sims

VOTING MATTERS — Social Justice For Us will be hosting “Rock the Vote” to excite and encourage members of the campus community to participate in the upcoming midterm election. The event will include live music by local artists in addition to information regarding absentee ballot registration and voting processes.

Andie Balenger

Social Justice For Us will be hosting “Rock the Vote,” a national non-profit organization/event, on Oct. 19 to inform the campus community about the upcoming midterm election and encourage voter turnout by the youth population. 

The event is designed to operate like an informal, social gathering where questions regarding election processes, voter rights and accessibility at the ballot box are up for discussion. Students and members of the Marquette community are invited to gather at the Northern Center at 6 p.m. for a night of live music, with artists Jalen Sims, Andrew Conway and Taylor Bennet scheduled to perform.

As the event’s organizer, Freddy Sims hopes to centralize voter information on campus and explain to young voters why their vote matters.

“Youth voting is important because eventually we are going to have to live in this world and I would like to be able to set the tone for what that world looks like,” Sims said. “What we do now can set the tone for our future leaders and I want to make sure that everybody’s voice is heard.”

“Rock the Vote” is a non-partisan event created to ensure that people are registered to vote and know how to receive an absentee ballot if need be. Distributed information will not discuss partisan positions, but instead focus on the three Michigan ballot proposals regarding public financial disclosure and terms limits for state legislators, voting rights and reproductive health for all.

Social Justice For Us collaborated with several student organizations, including Northern Votes, Rise and the ASNMU Student Finance Committee, to make this event possible. Members of the League of Women Voters will also be at Rock the Vote to assist attendees. 

Sims wants attendees to know that “Rock the Vote” is a safe space for those who are interested in becoming more civically engaged. 

“I want you to be able to ask questions that you may be afraid to ask while you are at the ballot box,” Sims said. “This is the time, the space, to be very vulnerable and I would like to extend the opportunity to folks to be vulnerable with us because that is the only way we are going to be able to connect and really grow with each other.”

Along with live music and voting information, “Rock the Vote” will be hosting a giveaway for those who complete a quick, three-question survey. Potential prizes include gas cards, Starbucks gift cards and NMU dining baskets.

General admission to Rock the Vote is free and ensures standing room only in the Northern Center Ballrooms. With venue space being limited, the first 800 people to register on the Hub will be permitted to enter. For more information or to register, visit the Hub.