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Student activity fee increase to be on 2024 ASNMU general election ballot

Rachel Pott October 5, 2023

 Students will again have the chance to vote on a potential increase in the Student Activity Fee in April of 2024.  The Student Activity Fee was last voted on in 2022 and did not pass in a tied vote....

STUDENT VOTING SUMMIT — Members of Northern Votes attend the 2022 Michigan Student Voting Summit at Michigan State University. The summit featured workshops, panels and a networking fair which aimed to bring together student voting leaders from colleges and universities across Michigan build a robust state-wide network to advance long-term student voting participation.

Profile — Northern Votes encourages civic engagement, voting

Willow Rasch February 7, 2023

Northern Votes is a nonpartisan club at NMU that was established in the summer of 2022. The club focuses on helping and encouraging students to engage civically in their community. “We aim to reach...

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What to know before casting vote in upcoming Midterm Elections

Ayanna Allen, Assistant News Editor November 4, 2022

Election Day is approaching. Next Tuesday, Nov. 8, anyone registered to vote will be able to go and cast their ballots for the midterm elections. As it is a midterm election year, all seats in the House...

Editorial — Your vote matters

Editorial — Your vote matters

North Wind Editorial Board November 3, 2022

Midterm elections are right around the corner, which means the time has come for you to practice one of the most important civil service acts afforded to you as a United States citizen — voting. We...

VOTING MATTERS — Social Justice For Us will be hosting “Rock the Vote” to excite and encourage members of the campus community to participate in the upcoming midterm election. The event will include live music by local artists in addition to information regarding absentee ballot registration and voting processes.

“Rock the Vote” to centralize voter information on campus with live music

Andie Balenger October 17, 2022

Social Justice For Us will be hosting "Rock the Vote," a national non-profit organization/event, on Oct. 19 to inform the campus community about the upcoming midterm election and encourage voter turnout...

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MARCH ON—Protestors on Saturday, Aug. 28 marched together through Marquette to raise awareness for voting rights. The event was held on the 58th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington, the same march that Martin Luther King JR. delivered his I have a dream speech.

Marquette marches for voting rights

Dreyma Beronja, News Editor August 31, 2021
On Aug. 28 dozens gathered at Marquette Commons to march for voting rights. The event featured speakers from Social Justice For Us, Voters Not Politicians and Jenn Hill pro tem mayor of Marquette.
Graphic of signs being held up stating voting rights are human rights

A glance at voting rights in America

Peter Smedley October 29, 2020

The right to vote is a privilege given to the citizens of the United States, yet voting has been a monumental point of contention throughout U.S. history. The ability to vote was once allowed to only...

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Michigan considers ranked voting

Ashley Beronja October 27, 2020

The way of voting during elections in the United States has been most commonly known as voting for one candidate. While this way of voting has been going on for decades, many voters are now seeing the...

SLFP Encourages Civic Engagement at NMU

SLFP Encourages Civic Engagement at NMU

Rayna Sherbinow October 6, 2020

NMU students can be involved in the community in many ways such as attending community events, shopping at local businesses and, perhaps most importantly, voting in elections. With the presidential election...

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Opinion—The danger of casting doubt on an election

Justin Van't Hof October 5, 2020
As the presidential election is approaching its end, questions about what election night might look like have puzzled many. COVID-19 has made the need for mail-in voting options essential and many states are offering more options for voting by mail. Conspiracy theories about election integrity through mail-in ballots are surfacing online and as voters, we need to take charge of the information we share and understand the implications of casting doubt on the integrity of an election.
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Opinion—President Trump doesn’t deserve another term, and Biden doesn’t deserve a first

Riley Garland September 28, 2020
The Republican Party has, without question, abandoned all allegiances to truth, good policy and accountability in favor of absolute allegiance to a president with a big mouth and no ideas. That is why I have left the Party and assert that Donald J. Trump doesn’t deserve a single vote from those true constitutional liberty-lovers with a conscience.
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Editorial—Are young people responsible for taking political action?

Akasha Khalsa September 24, 2020
As the time for political action approaches, namely going to the polls or filling out a mail-in or online ballot, many young people, especially students may feel conflicted about their role in our democracy. Is it the responsibility of young people to participate in government and decision making?
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