New yoga club partners with local co-op


Photo courtesy of Olivia Apa

NEW HORIZONS — Olivia Apa (left) and Anna Fry (right) talk to prospective members at Fall Fest 2022. Apa and Fry started Yoga Club in partnership with Unity Yoga Co-op in downtown.

Willow Rasch

NMU’s new Yoga Club was born out of an offer from Marquette’s local yoga co-op. Connor Ryan, an instructor at Unity Yoga Co-op, got in contact with environmental studies and sustainability major Olivia Apa, who then founded Yoga Club. 

Apa facilitates more yin-based yoga classes at Unity Co-op and prefers to focus her lessons on slower movements with focus on the breath. 

Since yoga can be practiced in many different forms, the Yoga Club provides options for students to become exposed to other forms of the practice.

“Connor’s classes have been more foundational based, focusing on posture alignment, stopping and asking questions, taking our time with each pose and really understanding how to do it correctly,” Apa said. 

There is no prior experience needed to join Yoga Club and the moves can be modified to fit the needs of each individual. 

“All levels of yoga experience are welcome,” Apa said. “The only thing necessary to bring is a comfy pair of clothes and a yoga mat.” 

The Yoga Club meets off campus at Unity Yoga Co-op and carpooling is offered by the club for students without transportation.

Yoga Club Vice President Anna Fry has been trying to coordinate rides for Yoga Club members and make the organization more accessible. 

“We have been offering carpooling outside of the Northern Center for students who live on-campus about a half an hour before our meeting commences,” Fry said. “We’re going to figure out a way that works best to cater to students on-campus who need rides. It’s definitely an evolving process.”

Currently, the club meets at 7 p.m. in Unity Yoga Co-op, but as the days grow colder, the club is going to change times as needed to make sure the experience is enjoyable for all. 

The Yoga Club expressed the flexibility of their schedule, and that the Unity Yoga Co-op is available for use, even outside of their usual hours.

“If anyone has questions or anything they want to express or intentions for going into practice, we can talk about that collectively before diving in and working on our practice for that evening and still get out at a relatively decent time,” Apa said.

“And the doors are always open,” Fry said. “We start at seven, but people are welcome to come in whenever it’s convenient for them.”