Feminism For All to sell baked goods in support of equal pay

Andie Balenger

Highlighting pay disparity within the United States workforce, Feminism For All will be hosting its annual Wage Gap Bake Sale on Dec. 6 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Baked goods, including cookies, Oreo balls and “slutty” brownies — a brownie with a cookie and other goodies baked on top — will be available for purchase at the ticket booth located across from Starbucks in Jamrich Hall. Vegan and gluten-free options will be offered as well.

According to Ali Deutsch, co-president of Feminism For All, the pricing of the goods revolves around “the white man’s dollar.” While white men will be charged a full dollar per baked good, the charge for women and other minority groups will depend on how much they make in comparison to their white male counterparts.

“This event is really to just raise awareness and show people the disparities that a lot of their classmates are facing as we move from college and into the workforce,” Deutsch said. “We really hope people take the time to educate themselves and really think about how to correct those disparities in the future.”

While the exact statistics are still being researched by members of Feminism For All, Deutsch said that white women currently make 83 cents for every dollar a white man makes. Equal Pay Today, a mission of the non-profit gender-justice group Equal Rights Advocates, reported that Hispanic women working full-time in 2021 made just 58.4% of what white men were — the lowest percentage of the provided statistics.

All proceeds from the Wage Gap Bake Sale will go towards future Feminism For All events, including charity drives and making blankets for the Marquette Women’s Center

Deutsch, who has worked at the event in previous years, is looking forward to seeing this year’s turnout.

“I am always surprised by the amount of positivity we get from all different groups of people on campus,” Deutsch said. “People really appreciate it and I think it does the job of educating people, plus a dollar for a baked good isn’t that much anyways.”